October Newsletter

Holiday Planning & Schedule

We have the incredibly good fortune of being very busy these days. We want to make sure that all of you wonderful, loyal clients get your homes cleaned over the holidays properly. We are currently planning to be closed on Thursday November 26th and 27th for Thanksgiving and December 24th and 25th for Christmas. As you can imagine, this will make us even busier as we attempt to get folks moved around. So, if you have any special needs or requests, please get with Angela right away so we can attempt to accommodate you. If you are on the schedule for Thursdays or Fridays, this will impact you for sure. So, in the meantime, Happy Halloween and Happy Columbus Day, we hope you are getting to enjoy a Monday off!!! You can contact Angela to discuss scheduling by clicking here.

Referral Program

Every now and then we like to remind you wonderful folks about our referral program. While we do very little advertising, most of our new clients come to us by way of referral. So, THANK YOU to all of you that have referred family, friends and neighbors. We will do our best to make sure they are treated like royalty. In that light, we are offering some very nice rewards for new clients that come on board by way of referrals. We won’t spoil the details here, but if you want to learn more, give Angela a call at 303-975-2808 or email her here.

Denver Area Top Restaurants

You may be aware that we love to eat over here at Denver Concierge. We also love to fill you all in on what is happening in our fine town. The folks at 5280 Magazine recently published their annual list of Denver‘s top restaurants.  Frasca in Boulder was unseated from the top spot for the first time in a couple of years….if you want to learn more, click here. We hope to see you out there having a bite around town! By the way, we tried Blackbelly Market in Boulder and it was worth the drive!!!


Queen Bee Corner

by Angela

October is a month of change, when foliage turns color, weather is cooler (supposedly), days are shorter – and outdoor critters start seeking indoor shelter for the winter.

Well, not in my house, guys.  A client recommended Beeline Pest Control. How could I resist with a name like Beeline?  It took very little time and my house is now pest proofed.  A great company.

Professional, local, friendly.  Like Denver Concierge!  You can find them at their website here.

Happy Autumn!



The changes in technology over the past 10 years have been nothing short of amazing. Nowadays we find ourselves growing anxious if we haven’t checked email, Twitter, Facebook, Yelp, our texts, etc. It’s all pretty stressful.

So we started to think about the benefits of unplugging once in a while. We know how hard it is, but we also think it might improve our life balance (and our relationships) a bit if we took a break once in a while.

The folks at attn.com tell us that the average social media user is exposed to 54,000 words a day!!! They  did a great piece on this, and you can find the link here. Good luck in your efforts!

September Newsletter

Homejoy is No More

Some of you may be familiar with Homejoy, the national service that would connect folks with housecleaners. Much like Uber and Lyft, they faced serious consequences by attempting to make everyone that worked for them independent contractors and not employees. Why do we bring this up? Because we want to remind you just how different we really are. Not only are all of our staff full time employees (trained, insured and bonded), but we take the old fashioned approach to everything we do when it comes to your home. Having varying and inconsistent people in your home every time you request a clean is not a very good model to us. Homejoy went out of business last month. Meanwhile, Denver Concierge has been around for 16 years and counting, thanks to our loyal and passionate clients. Thank you for supporting our local business!!!

Partners (and Events) We Love

Every year we attend a fabulous event sponsored by our friend Heather Klutznick at Trilogy Financial. The event is their annual Economic Update and this is their 8th year in a row, which is mighty impressive! Heather has been kind enough to extend complimentary invitations to any Denver Concierge clients that wish to attend the event next week. The registration link is here, and you can enter the password KLUTZNICK at the bottom of the page to waive the $150 event fee. There are breakout sessions as well as a great keynote speaker. If you are interested, click here on the big ‘register’ button. We hope to see you there!!

Why you Need your Sleep

Seasons are changing and with daylight hours adjusting as we move into fall and winter, sleep can sometimes become challenging. We know we get super cranky when we are sleep deprived, but we wanted to learn more.

To see what happens to your brain when you are sleep deprived, visit the article at mic.com here.

Queen Bee Corner

by Angela
I would like to dedicate this month’s Queen Bee Corner to Le Central, the colorful French restaurant on Lincoln that is closing after 34 years in business. (Thank you Pam for your email alerting me to the closing).  It’s the talk of the town, as it should be.  Denver is loyal to its independent businesses and I know this from our clients who have been with us for years and years and consider us a part of the family.  We support independent businesses because they build a sense of community.  The downside is we feel their loss more acutely. Merci Le Central.  We will miss you.

September Charity Events

On September 17th we will be attending the annual MS On the Move Luncheon at the Westin downtown Denver. Unfortunately we know a few folks that have been affected by this terrible disease and we are in full support of the search for a cure.

The cause is a great one, and for those of you that are interested in attending and/or donating, more information can be found here.


The World’s Wealthiest People

What do the world’s wealthiest people have in common? If you answered money, that is a great guess.

However we were looking for something deeper, and we ran across this great infographic from The Roosevelts that gives us a better snapshot.

To see the complete list of what the world’s wealthiest folks have in common, click here.

Fleet Update

We are proud to announce that vehicles 10, 11 and 12 are now on the road to your homes.

Here is a great shot of our ladies celebrating one of their new vehicles!!

August Newsletter Update

Green Clean Institute

We are proud to report that we have been re-certified by the Green Clean Institute for 2015-16. There are only a handful of Colorado cleaning firms that are on this prestigious list and we were the first, going back to June of 2008. We are happy that we made the move for the right reasons and were ahead of the curve before ‘green’ became truly fashionable to use in marketing and branding. We take pride in the fact that we keep the inside of your home clean, while doing our best to keep the outdoors clean as well! We also know our clients appreciate our commitment to keeping their home environments free of anything harmful. To learn more about GCI and what they do, or to see our name in lights, click here.

2015 Top of the Town

5280 Magazine recently released their “Top of the Town” annual review of all things Denver. We love to go out and enjoy our wonderful city, and if you missed it, the complete list can be found here.

Fleet Update

Vehicles 7, 8 and 9 are on the read and rolling towards your homes. Here is a great look at our vehicles tucked in for the evening after a long day of making homes happy! Look for the next wave of sweet rides next month! Special thanks to the folks at Ehrlich I25 Kia for wonderful service and delivery.

Back to School Help

Man, we can’t believe where summer went! While we know we have some time left, our kids aren’t so lucky. Many schools are back in session in August, including Denver Public Schools who resume on the 25th. Boulder Valley School District starts back up on the 21st, just to name a couple. We looked high and low for a way to provide a consolidated list of all the schools across the Front Range but came up empty. What we did run across however, was a great resource on how to smooth out the process. The folks at getsimplifized.com  put together some great tips that can be found here.

The Eternal Quest for Happiness and Self Improvement

Ok, so that title was a bit over the top. But….we are actually seekers of not only happiness, but ways to make our lives better. Whether it’s work, relationships, health, or just plain habits, we at Denver Concierge seek improvement on a regular basis. So, we fell in love with a website calledmarcandangel.com.There were so many things that we wanted to share that it was hard to include them all, so now you have the link. If you want to see one of our favorites try this one on reliable steps to making change in our lives at any age. For the record, we don’t know Marc or Angel, but we liked their take on things and wanted to share it here!

Queen Bee Corner

by Angela
Lately I’ve had a few questions on how best to communicate with our cleaning teams. In a nutshell, the best way is through me directly. There is a computerized work order for each client that can be easily updated and I personally see each employee every morning before dispatch (and we connect during the day as well).   Also, please feel free to contact me with any concerns you may have about special items you may have in your home. This helps us avoid accidents or damages as some things are not intuitive to everyone, and each house is different (certain types of faucets come to mind). Thanks and until next month then!

Quick tenancy cleaning for students and roommates

Quick tenancy cleaning for students and roommates2Spread out tasks to your friends and roommates for a quicker and easier end of tenancy cleaning, which usually can last only a couple of hours if you select the tasks justly. For example, pre-vacuuming is the first quick highlight in this guide that will prepare the flooring for deep cleaning.

– Pre-vacuuming is the most effective and quickest opt to get rid of the bigger sand particles, crumbs, hair and other blemishes that are stuck onto the floor coverings. Whether it comes to only a couple of small carpets, one big rug, hardwood or tiled floorings – pre-vacuuming will help you to see the locations of the most soiled spots and so to take a the right pick of a further treatment. Moreover, a regular vacuuming is the best way to keep the clean outlook of the floorings for a longer time, so it should be one of the most important highlight in your student`s maintenance schedule.

– Treat the heavy stains onto carpets, rugs and other fabric floor coverings. In some cases, this is more than enough to achieve a quite better look of the floorings, while in the meantime saving time and efforts for hiring a professional cleaning company or using a big rental carpet cleaning machine. Spot clean via stiff brush and a homemade detergent of hot water, dishwashing detergent and shampoo, mixed in a medium sized bowl. This application is truly useful for synthetic carpets or carpets with short fibers, where the brush can easily get to the base of the fiber and therefore to wipe off the dissolved dirt.

– Furniture with leather upholsteries are another difficult part that is worth the efforts. The leathery surfaces require a little bit of a special treatment so you may want to call the professional cleaners. They use special pigmented detergents and solutions that can truly restore shine and texture of the leather surfaces, and thus making them to look like new. Such a pigmented detergent also protects the cleaned spot from future staining like coffee spills or cracks.

– Dealing with stains onto glass objects is another great highlight in the schedule. They may include windows and mirrors, as well as cups, paintings, different glass surfaces in the bathroom, etc. Just make sure to use non-abrasive applicators like a homemade detergent of just white vinegar and water. Use only soft clean cotton cloths and a squeegee, and don`t forget to clean the windows frames too.

– Dusting is one of the final steps of every tenancy schedule for cleaning. It should take place at least once a week. Organize your roommates to help with the wiping off dust via several clean towels and paper towels, as well as deodorizing spray that can enhance the atmosphere. A regular duster can do the perfect job, but a duster with a flexible electrostatic charged head is a great too that help you to get to some truly difficult to reach and hidden places, where usually the dust accumulates.

– A final polishing of metal and wooden surfaces will ensure that little final touch, which will be appreciated from your roommates and guests. Polishing and waxing wooden floors alters the true texture of the surface, as well as colors and reflections. Waxing also adds an extra layer of protection, which seals the clean effect and makes it longer lasting. The same applies to metal and tiled surfaces too, except that their shine and reflections makes them some of the most remarkable sights in the freshly cleaned room.

Read more helpful basic cleaning tips at: nottinghillcarpetcleaners.org.uk

July Newsletter Update

Happy Birthday America!

We hope you all had a safe and fun Independence Day!! We heard lots of stories of you all going camping, biking, hiking and cooking out with family and friends!

The fireworks across the Front Range were fabulous and other than the mountain traffic, it was an amazing weekend all the way around.

We also want to thank all of those that have served our country and helped to maintain our freedom and way of life. So for all of you that are either in the armed forces or have family or friends serving, our biggest thanks and appreciation for all you do and have done.

Partners We Love

We are fortunate to have so many friends around Denver in a variety of fields. One of the more unique companies in town is Auctoris. They specialize in wealth preservation and planning and have been at it for nearly 40 years!! They are experts in finding ways to preserve capital via alternative, customized strategies that utilize any and all avenues to protect your family and your wealth down the line. Most importantly, like all of our partners, they care deeply about people and about doing things the right way. If you are planning for the future and need some guidance on how to best protect your assets and ensure they are maximized for future generations, give our friend Frances Mickelson a call at (303) 740-8001 or email her here. To learn more about Auctoris and their innovative approach to wealth preservation, visit them here.

How’s Your Memory?

If you are like us, sometimes really good, and sometimes…not so much! Nothing like walking into a room and suddenly realizing you have no idea why you walked in there! Of course that never happens to us, but we have heard stories. We also tend to forget names sometimes, so running acrossthis article on mnemonics helped us tremendously.

If you could use some tips on remembering names and other things, visit the folks at mental floss here.

Giving Back

For you regular readers of our newsletter, you know we love giving back. We support numerous charities in Denver and love to support partners that share our vision.

We also realized that we are usually in a pretty good mood over here atDenver Concierge. We think the two are related.

You folks are great at giving as well, and we hear stories all the time about charitable things that you do (that is why we love our clients so much).

The folks at LifeHack confirmed our suspicions. Generous people are more successful and happier all the way around To get their take on things, visit them here.

Our Outstanding Leaders

Some of you know our General Manager, Maria Herrera, who has been with the company 15 years this month!!She took a short sabbatical to part time for the birth of her child, but she has returned to full time and is celebrating a long career here.We will honor her this month at our employee meeting, but wanted to give her a shout out, as she is the person that makes sure your home is clean and that our ladies perform their duties to the excellent standard that you expect.Also, our very own Queen Bee, Angela Danessi had a birthday this month (those of you that follow us onFacebook may have noticed!)

Both of these ladies are instrumental to our success…congrats to both of you and thanks for your dedication.

Queen Bee Corner

by Angela

We are getting a lot of compliments on our ladies in the field, which makes us very proud (and prone to brag).  At the end of each month when we have our employee recognition meeting and birthday cake we announce each compliment and give a big round of applause to the recipients.

ALL of your comments are taken seriously and hopefully you feel like we listen.  I do attempt to answer the phones promptly so you get a real person when you call (me!). Still, with over 450 regular clients it sometimes just isn’t possible. But, please, leave me a message so I don’t miss anything!  Or just leave your name. I know all of you and I will call you back right away!

Fleet Update

Be on the lookout for DenverConcierge‘s latest additions to our fleet this month.

Vehicles 7, 8 and 9 will be hitting the road next week and more are coming.

We hope you love the new look and the improved presence in front of your homes!

Our teams are thrilled to be driving to your house in style!

June Newsletter Update

Welcome Summer!

On June 21st, we will finally be able to officially welcome summer into our lives again. Not sure about you, but we are ready for a little less rain and a little more sunshine! In that spirit, we know kids are out of school and that many of you take vacations. Please let us know your schedule as soon as you can, so we can make the right adjustments for your cleaning schedule. We hope you all have a safe, dry and enjoyable summer, starting this month! Finally we decided to learn a little more about summer, the solstice and what goes with it. So we consulted the Old Farmer’s Almanac for some info. If you want to learn more, visit them here.

Denver Summer Restaurant Openings

We love a good meal over at DenverConcierge and sometimes it’s fun to try new things. This summer will be a busy one for new restaurants inDenver and the folks at Zagat have helped us figure out what’s happening. To see a full list of what is coming to our fine city, click here.

Partners We Love

Is your company looking for more information on health care reform and how to handle it? The Affordable Care Act is in full force and it’s fairly complicated to navigate. We love the folks over at Rocky Mountain Insurance Consultants. They deal with group health insurance plans for companies large and small, and have been instrumental in helping us prepare for the health care mandate that we will be facing next year.  They have 20 years in the industry and are nice people to boot. To learn more about Rocky Mountain Insurance Consultants, please click here. Or you can email them directly here.

Father’s Day

June 21st will be a busy day, the start of summer and one of our favorite holidays, Father’s Day. For you golfers out there (we try) It is also the final day of the U.S. Open (that’s just a reminder for the ladies that you might be busy that Sunday afternoon).

Just as we saluted Moms last month, let’s give a big shout out to the Dads out there. We know you probably don’t want any credit but let us thank you for all you do on this special day.

Here’s to fixing things, bumps and bruises, eating meat, playing catch, and all of the other many things that fathers do. Most importantly, thanks for your influence on all the people in your lives, primarily your kids. Learning to grow up and be a real man is one of the most challenging yet rewarding things around. So, Dad, here’s to you, thanks and have a cold one on us!!!

Queen Bee Corner

by Angela

Now that the weather is hopefully beginning to settle down enough to make outdoor plans, remember that that we automatically clean your patios/balconies/decks each visit (weather permitting).  On the other hand if you’d rather we didn’t just give me a call or send me an email and I’ll make a note on your work order.

Also, with the real estate market booming we have quite a few clients who are moving but staying within our cleaning area (thank you!).  If your house is on the market and you need to have it spruced up from time to time outside your normal schedule, let me know.

Happy summer!

Tools and tricks for hard floor cleaning

Tools and tricks for hard floor cleaning – tiles and laminate floors

Tools and tricks for hard floor cleaning - tiles and laminate floorings

The tiles and the laminate floors are usually the easiest places to clean and they get dirt not that easier, than the carpets for example. However, they should be frequently cleaned and sanitized as the best prevention from further staining. The tiles in the bathroom or in the kitchen floors make an exception, because they see daily foot traffic and they usually stain with dirt from food, crumbs and other blemishes. Mopping or wiping off dust then becomes not enough to restore shine and cleanliness of the tiles and laminate flooring, and you need to apply some tricks for hard cleaning. Take a look at the following ones:

  • Call a professional cleaning company and first stroll through the sites of the companies in your region and find if they have tile cleaning services. Some cleaning agencies are also specialized only in cleaning tiled floors, including stone floors, laminate floors and floors with other hard coverings. Their professional crews are well experienced and they can choose the right methods for cleaning, saving you time and money for buying numerous detergents from the market. The professional cleaners also have the needed tools and items for deep cleaning tiles like a scrubber machine. It is the most effective tool for cleaning the grout lines in the meantime too. Moreover, if you want to deodorize and sanitize the tiles – the crew can add a small amount of sanitizing or deodorizing agent in the detergent for the scrubber machine. This is very important if you have pets like dogs and cats due to animal odor from food, hair, etc.
  • Deep clean tiles and grouts at home via simple homemade detergent solution. You can take full advantage of some cleaning detergents that you already have in your home like soap and shampoo. They can act as the perfect de-greaser, while spreading fresh and pleasant aroma in the meantime. For truly heavily stained areas and grouts – apply some spot cleaning tricks like scrubbing the spot via stiff brush and a paste of baking soda, hot water and dish-washing detergent. Wipe off the dirty excess via cloth and repeat the procedure with a new detergent application to remove the deepest stains and most soiled spots. A great idea is to let the detergent to soak up and dissolve the stain for a dozen minutes or so, and then to wipe it off via another clean towel.
  • Don’t let your laminate floors and tiles to get dirty very often. Just an impromptu daily mopping is the perfect solution to wipe off dust, sand, grit, stains, hair, pollen… Especially the areas that see the heaviest foot traffic should be mopped quite regularly to prevent the thriving bacteria, pollen and allergens, which on the other hand, appear on wet areas with remnants of food crumbs, for example. Add a few drops of a sanitizing agent every few times when changing the water for the mop.
  • After finishing the hard floor cleaning of tiles and laminate, it’s recommended to polish the floors or to treat them with a protective spray. It reduces the chance for further staining or at least it makes the floors more resistant to dirt spots and stains. In addition, the polishing wax adds a tiny little film or layer of protection, which also ensures the finest glossy look of the tiles like they’re new.

More cleaning tips find at this site



May Newsletter Update

Happy Memorial Day

Even though it’s not until the end of the month, we want to wish you and your families a happy Memorial Day. We are truly grateful to those that gave the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom and way of life. For those families that have lost someone that served, we thank you as well for your sacrifice and we will honor their memory this Memorial Day. We hope you all have a safe, fun holiday and get to enjoy time with friends and family!

We will be closed on Monday, May 25th to commemorate this special day.

May Charity Events

One of our favorite charities is Judi’s House. We were honored to attend the first ever “Speaker’s Series” event on the 5th that featured former NFL greats Bob Griese and Archie Manning speaking about adversity and the loss that they have experienced in life and how they overcame it.

For those of you that aren’t familiar with Judi’s House, they provide grief counseling for children that have lost loved ones. Founded by Brian Griese, it honors his mother Judi, who he lost to cancer as a child.

Our fearless leader, John Kitts, is pictured far right above with Michael Foster of Sports Authority and former Broncos Head Coach Mike Shanahan and NFL Hall of Famer Bob Griese (we don’t know who the two lucky guys on the left are!)

To learn more about this amazing cause, please visit Judi’s House here.

Partners We Love

We love the guys over at i5fusion! They are responsible for our website, our online marketing and pretty much everything we do technologically around here!

Website building, pay per click management, online presence, reviews….for those of you that are trying to promote your business, these can be tricky and tough areas to navigate. The team at i5fusion take time to make sure you understand what you need to do, then they help you implement at a reasonable cost.

If you haven’t seen our website, please take a look at their work by clicking here.  To learn more about i5fusion and the great work they do, visit them at www.i5fusion.com, or click here.

Mention Denver Concierge when you contact them and you will receive a discount on their services!


Celebrate Small Business Week

Did you know that the week of May 4-8 is National Small Business Week? Each of you supports small business by using Denver Concierge and other independent companies across the Front Range. We are proud to be a family owned small business in such a great community. To learn more about Small Business Week, click here.

Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you Moms out there! We know you run the household, keep the kids and pets in line and truthfully, without you the men in your lives would be lost (sorry guys, but it’s true).

We take this opportunity to appreciate you for all you do and for the thankless job that is raising children and taking care of all the things that no one ever sees!

Here’s hoping your families reward your tireless efforts and celebrate with you this Sunday!

You Googled What?

We really like finding interesting stuff to share with our readers. This month, we uncovered the secret stash! That is, what do people around the world Google the most, with the term “how much does_____ cost?”We were fascinated by the types of searches from around the world and the inferences that can be drawn by the information collected by Google.For example, in the United States the most common “how much does it cost” question gathered by Google is “patent”. Great job America! On the other side of the spectrum is “prostitute” which comes up more than once! Also mentioned were camels, nose jobs and kidneys!To see more of this fascinating survey, click here.


Fleet Update

You may be noticing we are multiplying! We are now up to six brand new Kia Sorentos in our fleet and our ladies couldn’t be prouder!

Here is a good look at our new rides going out for another day of making homes happy across the Front Range!

Queen Bee Corner

by Angela

Mother’s Day might be one of the few days of the year, with exceptions of course, when mothers are super pampered.  In the spirit of pampering, while our team is in your home cleaning, dusting and making beds, don’t forget that we can always do a few random things to help you out even more.  We have had requests to let the dogs out and back in; to receive a package from UPS, or retrieve a package from the porch; bring in the mail if you are out of town.  If you call during the clean I can even get a message to the team leader in case you’ve forgotten to turn something off – my personal fear is – “have I left the stove on?” But that’s just me. If you need help with yours please let me know!

So…again Happy Mother’s Day and Happy Spring!

April Newsletter Update

Happy Spring 2015

We are so happy that spring is finally here. Another weird winter, with record snow in Denver for the month of February. In case you didn’t know, we broke a record that stood for 100 years!!! Boy are we glad that’s over. Now, as we enter spring with birds chirping and baseball starting, our moods have certainly improved! We love spring cleaning and realize that we can’t be in your home every day, so we included a very awesome list of green cleaning tips that you can use while we are away. The article includes 10 products you can make yourself right at home (some of these we actually use in homes as well, like vinegar). To learn more, visit the folks at Green America here. Wishing you a fabulous Spring!

 Jacque Stevens

Partners We Love

We aren’t sure about you, but we get so busy taking care of business that we sometimes don’t do a great job of taking care of ourselves. One of the folks in town that can help is Jacque Stevens over at Body Renewed. Her company specializes in non-traditional fitness approaches, including new technology such as a recumbent bicycle that uses infrared light to eliminate cellulite and detox the body. Beyond the cool technology, we love that they approach fitness from a holistic standpoint and are very creative and different in their approach. In short, this is no regular gym. So if your New Year’s fitness resolution has fallen by the wayside, give Jacque a call at 720.428.2347, or check out their site here  and they can help you get back on track! Mention that you saw her in our newsletter and you will receive a special offer.

Spring Cleaning in Denver, CO

Spring Allergies

Here at Denver Concierge we take the bad with the good. As you may have heard…we love Spring! What we don’t love as much are the allergies that come with it. After all that moisture over the winter (see snow record above) we are expecting a pretty robust allergy season here in Colorado. We found some good information on surviving the allergy season on WebMD here.

Spring allergies in Denver


Queen Bee Corner

by Angela

I can honestly say our clients are the best in the industry. I know some of this is due to the fact that we have been in business so long and have known many of you for years. Still, when I get calls about different topics or things “just because I thought you’d like to know”, that’s pretty amazing. No action necessary; just touching base. I mean, who gets calls like that from clients? And while I’m at it, thank you for the interesting articles, photos, trip descriptions, pet updates, family updates. I even received a lovely hyacinth plant to celebrate the arrival of Spring. Thank you for it all! You’re the best.

Vehicle Update

For those of you that don’t see our Facebook page or our occasional Tweet, we are proud to announce that we now have FIVE new vehicles on the road! Our fleet upgrade project is working well and our ladies are happy to be driving these shiny new vehicles around town. Our latest happy team is shown above. We hope you like these as much as we do, stay tuned for more updates!

Denver Concierge Fleet for cleaning

Denver Concierge Cleaning Fleet

Tax Season

We are guessing that this is a topic that you are as thrilled about as we are…tax season. Another unfortunate reality of life. Now that our complaining is done, we wanted to dive in and see if we can help even a little bit. We realize the deadline is right around the corner, but if you have procrastinated a little like we have been known to do, Forbes has published a comprehensive Tax guide for 2015. Obamacare requirements have kicked in, and there are other nuances going on this year that are new. Check out the nice resource here if you have questions or need information.

March Newsletter Update

Our Big News

We want to thank those of you that called or emailed to guess our big announcement. We had a lot of creative guesses (some we may actually steal and use) but no one got it right! Drum roll please……

We are upgrading our fleet! We are proud to announce our partnership with Peak Kia in Denver for the transition of our existing fleet to brand new all-wheel drive Kia Sorentos. Our ladies will be safer, warmer and happier in getting to your homes for sure, and the Colorado winters should be easier to navigate. Not to mention we think it will look a lot nicer sitting on your curb while we are inside working our magic! We took delivery of our first new vehicle in February and will be adding to our fleet each month. Yes, we kept our octopus who seems to be very popular with you all. Here is a look at the graphics, the full vehicle is further down in the newsletter. Take a look and let us know what you think!


Denver Concierge VehicleRear

Send Us Your Feedback

Letter from the Owner

Every now and then, we get our fearless leader, John Kitts, to speak up about the business (OK, those of you that know him realize it’s impossible to keep him quiet mostly, but don’t tell him we said that). In that spirit, we asked him why, if he were a prospective client, would he choose Denver Concierge? What followed was a very thorough reminder, top to bottom, of what really makes Denver Concierge different and truly unique in the world of housecleaning. We posted it on our website, and the link can be found here. For those of you who haven’t seen our new site, this will give you a chance to check it out as well. As always, we welcome any feedback and we hope his comments increase your faith in us even further.


March Charity Events

For March, we are happy to be attending the Bal Swan Ball, held at the Omni Interlocken Resort on Saturday, March 7th. Bal Swan Children’s Center is a non-profit that assists families with their preschool children to better prepare them for life, and improve the relationships between parent and child. They also have amazing programs for children that have special developmental needs. They use innovative and proven techniques to ensure the best possible scenarios for preschoolers. Information on Bal Swan can be found here.  The event we are attending began in 1963 and will be attended by over 600 people supporting this great cause. Details on the event can be found on their website.


Partners we Love

It is probably the right time to mention Peak Kia in Littleton. We searched high and low for someone to help us with our fleet and they won the prize. Everyone at the dealership has been outstanding, and they have completely delivered on all of their promises. Our representative, Grant Harrell is outstanding, and was key in us putting this program together. Peak Kia can be found here, and you can email Grant directly if you want to learn more. If you mention Denver Concierge to him, you will receive a nice surprise! We love our new Sorentos, and are looking forward to our brand new fleet! Thanks to Peak Kia for the great partnership!



St Patricks Day

St. Patty’s Day Green

March is one of those months we love. Not only because it means spring is around the corner (no more snow!), but because of the “green” holiday known as St. Patty’s Day! Much like our tradition of being green, St. Patty’s Day traditions have been passed down for years. From cabbage to shamrocks, we can all identify with this holiday and its history. We found out a lot about St. Patty’s Day in our research, and realized that we had a lot to learn (like St. Patty’s day started with blue not green)! If you are curious about some of the myths behind this holiday, click here. In the meantime, know that by using Denver Concierge, you will be “green” not just in March, but year round! Happy St. Patty’s Day!


Angela Danessi Denver Concierge

Queen Bee Corner

by Angela

I’ve been with Denver Concierge going on 15 years now (yikes!) and during that time I have gathered in my proverbial black book, quite a few names of reliable, honest and knowledgeable tradespeople from all different industries. I’d be more than happy to share if you are looking for help around your home. On the other hand, if you have someone fantastic that you would recommend feel free to send me their info and I’ll add it to the book.  Many of these names have come from your fellow Denver Concierge clients (thank you Bettie for the roofer recommendation.  I love those guys!).

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!  May the luck of the Irish be with you!


Spring House Cleaning Denver

Spring Cleaning Specials

Don’t forget that we have some amazing specials heading into our busy spring cleaning season. You are probably aware we have referral bonuses where you can earn free cleans by recommending us to your friends and neighbors. You may not be aware that we have a 50% off special on initial cleans! There are rules to the promotion, and we are really looking for people that want to become clients. This offer gives folks a chance to try our services at a reduced rate, and hopefully fall in love with what we do. Give Angela a call at 303-975-2808 to learn more. As always, we appreciate your faith in us and your recommendations. Here is to a great spring!