May Newsletter 2024

Did AI Write This Newsletter?

Spoiler alert. No, it didn’t.

We haven’t found an AI as quirky or quite as weird as we are, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

In fact, lots of folks are using AI now to write emails and other important correspondence, both business and personal.

We have written here in the past about AI and its benefits (and dangers) and we still aren’t sure about just how far we want to go with its use.

How exactly would one tell if they had received an AI-generated correspondence? We found a very informative piece that covers the best ways to tell if content you are reading was AI-generated and it can be found here.

We remain fascinated by this concept and are constantly exploring ways that we can utilize AI to become more efficient (like charting cancellations, and other metrics that might give us better ways to operate). 

Thankfully, AI hasn’t learned how to clean a home yet, and that is still what we are best at. 

On the other hand, Elon Musk recently said that “jobs will be optional for humans” in a benign future where robots and AI handle all human jobs currently in existence. Heady stuff for sure, where today’s jobs become “hobbies” for humans. 

Robot cleaners? Certainly possible, luckily this is as close as we have today, and it doesn’t come close to what our obsessive crews can do in your home.

For a great review of the best ways to use AI in today’s world, check out this article here.

Meanwhile, we will keep showing up and cleaning your homes the old-fashioned way, and we will continue to provide our newsletter the same way!

So thanks for reading our very “human-written” newsletter for May 2024.

Read on for some great estate planning tips, a guest writer and Denver’s very expensive plan for revitalization. Enjoy!

Estate Planning Tips

Our Mom said that it’s never too early to start planning. Of course, we were (and still are) classic procrastinators, so we know she was right.

So, when we ran across this article from Edward Jones on common mistakes people make while estate planning, we figured we should dive in.

No one likes to think about their death, but having things clear and in order for those left behind is a great gift indeed.

From the article on Edward Jones, “Estate planning is about more than documenting your intentions for distribution purposes. Sharing your plan and the rationale behind it is a powerful way to pass on your values, purpose and vision for your legacy with your children and future generations.”

It’s essential to communicate the roles and responsibilities to those you have named in a fiduciary capacity in your documents (such as an executor, trustee or agent under power of attorney). Those individuals should be comfortable with and prepared for the duties you’re asking them to perform.”

Excellent advice from 30,000 feet, but how does that translate into what we need to do?

We are glad you asked.

Investopedia put together the best quick list we have seen about what you need and how to start the proper estate plan here.

The most common theme we found when researching this? Only 33% of adults in the U.S have created estate planning documents. Yikes, that’s a big number of folks that don’t.

Also, 60% of people without a will reported not taking any action to create a will and also haven’t made a living trust or any other estate planning document.

That was enough for us to get started, and we hope it motivates you as well.

For those of you that like to do stuff yourself, there is also a cool company called Everplans, that will walk you through the process.

We don’t want you to end up like Prince, who had no will and his estate took six years to settle.

Here’s to having a plan!

Denver’s $500M Revitalization 

In the face of all the other things going on around town, you may have missed Mayor Mike Johnston’s announcement referencing the above project.

On May 9, our mayor held the news conference pictured above to announce his pledge to make Denver “the most vibrant city center” in the country.

From the news conference, “I think cities across America are facing a shared crisis as offices and downtowns have struggled to recover post-pandemic,” he said. “Many are wondering: Will our downtowns ever recover again? Should we just give up on them as some relic from a bygone era?” 

“We know we cannot have a thriving Denver without a thriving downtown,” he said. “We can’t have a thriving Colorado without a thriving Denver. We can’t have a Rocky Mountain West that thrives without a thriving Colorado, which means the economic recovery of 10 states starts in this neighborhood.”

The proposal actually includes a website where people can offer suggestions about ways to revitalize our city.

From KDVR, “The investment will go toward more housing options, more child care options and more accessible and welcoming public spaces, ultimately retaining and attracting more world-class businesses where people will want to shop and work, according to the release.”

Interesting and exciting news for Denver, and the timeline would have the project launching by 2025 when funding could be approved at the earliest.

The proposed timeline is below:

  • Spring/summer 2024: Outreach and engagement with stakeholders, property owner interest portal open
  • Summer 2024: Downtown Area Plan kicks off with downtown residents, businesses, and organizations; City Council refers ballot measure
  • Fall 2024: Vibrant Denver citywide outreach; district special election; City Council actions to update and expand DDA
  • Winter 2024/2025: Property owner petition process formally begins, informed by 2024 outreach, city releases application for funding downtown revitalization projects
  • 2025: Anticipated availability of DDA funding for approved projects

Home Renovation Primer 

By Guest Writer Thomas Hodge

Your home may be in dire need of a pick-me-up or perhaps you desire something bigger and better. Home renovations present an excellent opportunity to upgrade and rejuvenate your living space. Today, Denver Concierge will go over the fundamentals of home renovations and give you pointers on how to bring your project to life. 

Home Remodeling Pros and Cons

Undertaking a home renovation can evoke a cocktail of emotions – from exhilaration to apprehension. While it offers a chance to breathe life into your decor vision and create a living space that truly feels like home, it can also be an arduous and resource-intensive undertaking. A major remodel demands careful consideration of the many pros (such as significant property value appreciation) as well as the inevitable cons (such as the commotion and upheaval of disrupting daily routines).

Choosing Your Renovation

In today’s world where remote work has become the norm, adding a home office or multipurpose room is a highly sought-after home renovation project. Moreover, you can also consider popular options such as upgrading your kitchens or bathrooms, installing energy-efficient windows or doors to save on bills, or giving your flooring surfaces a modern makeover. For those who love the outdoors, adding an elegant deck or patio will be a perfect way to transform your backyard into a relaxing haven.

Organize Your Documents 

These days, it seems like we’re always surrounded by documents – and that only intensifies when you’re planning a major project! You can make things easier on yourself by digitizing your documents, though. Simply convert them to PDFs, then merge the files and save them on your devices. You won’t have to worry about losing anything. There are free tools you can use to simplify the process, as well; check it out. 

Defining What You Want to Achieve

Before beginning your renovation project, it is crucial to establish a clear vision for your desired outcome to ensure success. Defining renovation goals, whether a sleek modern kitchen or a cozy outdoor living space, is a necessary first step. It is equally important to create a realistic budget that includes unexpected expenses and necessary permit fees. By taking these proactive measures, you will lay the foundation for a successful renovation experience.

Applying For Home Renovation Financing

If you’re short on cash for your renovations, don’t hesitate to apply for a home improvement loan from your local bank or credit union. However, keep in mind that lenders typically require proof of employment and income history to approve your loan, so make sure you have all the necessary documents ready to go. It’s important to note that interest rates can differ between financial institutions, so it’s essential to explore all your options before making any decisions on loans.

Linking Up With Trustworthy Contractors

To ensure the successful completion of your renovation project, it is crucial to connect with reputable contractors in your area who specialize in the type of renovation you are undertaking. Utilize online review sites that provide detailed information about contractors including their expertise level and customer feedback ratings to guide your decision-making process. By doing so, you can maximize satisfaction levels for everyone involved while minimizing disruptions throughout the completion times.

Adding Brighter Colors

To create a positive and energizing atmosphere in your renovated space, always incorporate brighter colors whenever possible. These hues can help enhance the overall mood of the room and create a space where people feel happier and more content. Additionally, utilizing vibrant tones can provide visual stimulation without overwhelming visitors, leaving them with something enjoyable to look at.

Renovating your home can feel like an overwhelmingly challenging endeavor, but with the right mindset, approach, and resources anyone can transform their living space to reflect their style and preferences. From adding smart home features to creating a home office, there is a wide spectrum of possibilities to make the most of your renovation project. By investing in your home, you’ll also find that it adds both value and comfort to your life, making your efforts all the more rewarding.

At Denver Concierge, our professional maid service teams provide many services to suit your needs and to keep your house in tip-top shape. Visit our website to learn more!

New State Bills Passed Into Law

It’s that time of year again, as the 2024 Colorado legislative session ended on May 8.

What new bills passed, and what changes are coming in our fine state?

In 2024 there were 705 bills presented, compared to 617 in 2023. 

Those included land-use bills, a bill to reintroduce wolverines, various oil and gas measures, and some gun bills.

5280 did a nice recap of 11 important bills that were sent to Governor Polis for his review and it can be found here.

So, what got put into law in Colorado? For starters, on May 16, he signed gun regulations, property tax measures and oil and gas plan into law.

Also, earlier on Wednesday May 29, Governor Polis signed bills around water resources, mountain rail projects and access to better telehealth. An update on those bills passed is here.

All in all, a very interesting session in what is being called the “year of transit”.

Lots of changes to be aware of, especially for any of you that concealed carry or have a firearm in your vehicle.

For those of you wondering what might have been vetoed, Polis vetoed six bills and those are covered in this article from CPR.

Monthly Award Winners

Our monthly award winners for April were Guadalupe Caloca, Maria Zapata, Silvia Anguiano, Fidelia Bautista, and Nimia Espinoza.

In the Team Leader ranks, it was Mayra Sota and  Socorro Ibarra.

We are so proud of our winners, and of all the folks that are in and out of your homes each week.

We are also very appreciative to be a part of your lives and your homes. You provide the platform for our teams to perform, and for that we are grateful.

Please join me in congratulating our best performers for the month of April.

Queen Bee Corner

by Angela

Happy International Hug Your Cat Day!

Although Denver is often referred to as Dogver, due to its intense fondness for dogs, cats surely hold their own in the Mile High City.

Around 100,000 feral cats are living in Denver. This is very close to the number of feral cats living on the streets of Budapest, where cats are treated with Godlike reverence, fed, pampered, entertained, and welcomed inside most public places. 

Many of our clients who have cats have multiple cats, hence the proliferation of signs posted on doors and gates throughout the properties: Do Not Let the Cats Out!! 

So far we haven’t.

The feral cats of Denver are no less loved than their indoor cousins. Much like those in Budapest, there are volunteer groups who tend to these cat colonies regularly. 

They trap them to get them immunized, neutered, and treated for infections. They build shelters. They provide safe food and water. They care for them. 

So it may be Dogver, but only because cats are silent, nonchalant creatures, going about their business with little or no disruption to the rhythm of the city.

But they are there. Watching. 


April Newsletter 2024

Denver Spring Happenings

This month, we wanted to take a look at stuff going on in and around Denver this spring.

Of course, it is also Small Business Week, so we normally talk about that, and if you want to learn more you can find out here. Of course, as a small business, we are proud to be part of the fabric of commerce here in Denver.

Beyond that, it is indeed spring and there is a lot to do in and around Denver, and we wanted to share some ideas (and places) in this month’s newsletter.

Following that, we have an update on both DIA and Larimer Square, and an excellent fitness test for us all to try, which can accurately predict your lifespan, or so they say.

Also, if you have ever wondered if there are regions of the country that are “smarter” than others, we have your answers. Read on to see more.

Meanwhile, what is going on across the Front Range this spring?

For starters, May will feature both Cinco De Mayo celebrations as well as the annual Denver Arts Festival. 

For those of you (like us) who love Red Rocks, the full schedule is out as well and Axios published a list here of their favorite shows coming there in 2024. Red Rocks has also undergone some changes over the past year, and those can be found here.

Our loyal readers will also know we love to dine out in our fine city, so we wanted to share 5280’s list of Denver’s best new restaurants in 2024. 

We also cherish the old establishments in our city, like Buckhorn Exchange and My Brother’s Bar. For the nostalgic in the audience, 5280 came up with a cool list of 12 of our most iconic bars and restaurants and you can enjoy that here.

The bottom line, is there are so many remarkable things to do here that we don’t have space for all of them. Some fun links below for your reading pleasure:

Spring and Summer Festival Schedule

10 Things to do in Denver this spring

Day trips and adventures

Trip Advisor top Denver area activities

Rockies schedule

We feel spoiled when we realize all the wonderful things we have to do here in Denver. We are happy to share a few of our favorites and we hope to see you out and about.

We wish the best to you and yours for a great spring!

DIA & Busiest Airports

If you haven’t been to the airport lately, you might be in for a surprise.

The old North and South screening checkpoints are no more. Well, the South still exists but the North is no more, replaced by the new, state-of-the-art West.

If you are confused, so were we, but after using it we have to say that the new setup is pretty high-tech.

Located on level 6 behind United, there are 3 separate entrances for different travelers. The announcement and all the details behind the new security area can be found here.

You can also now reserve a spot in security in advance, which is very innovative and should save time.

The new checkpoint is part of the second phase of the $2.1 billion Great Hall Program, which will be completed by the end of 2027, with segments opening along the way. The new East Security Checkpoint will open by the end of 2025.

To learn more about the Great Hall Project or sign up for the project newsletter visit the project page.

Meanwhile, DIA has dropped in the world rankings of busiest airports but is still 3rd busiest in the U.S. and 6th worldwide. 

While the DIA Great Hall project has undergone much scrutiny and criticism,  we are happy to see progress being made. 

Safe travels everyone!

Larimer Square Update

Not long ago, we wrote about the troubles facing Larimer Square and what the plan going forward was going to be.

Now, three years later, the $20 million effort to restore Larimer Square is almost complete.

From the recent article in the Denver Business Journal, “It’s been more than three years since North Carolina-based Asana Partners purchased Larimer Square for $92.5 million. Now, the developers are wrapping up a yearslong, $20 million effort that’s “restoring its former glory,” according to Ashley McDonald, senior director of development at Asana Partners.”

“Currently, scaffolding remains at one of the 18 buildings along Larimer Square slated for renovation, with signage up from Denver-based Building Restoration Specialties Inc. After the exit of multiple tenants from the street to make way for the renovations, the end of the road is near, with the final building’s exterior restoration finishing up in May.”

We think this is particularly good news, and it seems other folks do too, as some very strong retail brands have committed to a presence in the renovated square.

For a complete update with all the details on the project, visit Mile High CRE here.

Larimer Square also has its own website with a list of all retailers here.

We are so happy to see Denver protecting one of its historical areas and the heart of our city. Well done!

10-Second Longevity Test 

How long will you live? If we knew that we would tell you for sure.

Seriously though, none of us has a clue, but researchers have found a quite simple way to help determine longevity. 

Can you stand on one leg for 10 seconds?

If you can, then you are ahead of the game.

From the article on Inc.:

Researchers had participants — all between the ages of 51 and 75 — attempt to stand on one leg for 10 seconds. Over a seven-year period, people who could not stand on one leg for 10 seconds (approximately 20 percent of the total) were four times as likely to have died.”

“Even when the researchers accounted for other factors like age, sex, body mass index, and comorbidities (a fancy word for the presence of two or more diseases or medical conditions), those who could not stand on one leg for 10 seconds were still twice as likely to die in the subsequent seven years than those who could.”

As the researchers write:

The ability to successfully complete the (ten-second one-leg stand) is independently associated with all-cause mortality and adds relevant prognostic information beyond age, sex and several other anthropometric and clinical variables.”

Wow. Kind of stunning, really. 

When we tried this, we were a bit wobbly but upright, so we hope you are better than we are.

Meanwhile, it’s time for us to work on our balance, core, and muscle strength so we can stay upright!!!

The full article and methodology can be found here.

How Smart is Colorado?

There seems to be a notion that some parts of the United States are smarter than others.

Anecdotally, the South seems to get picked on the most, and the folks in the Northeast seem pretty highbrow to us, so we figured we would investigate.

What did we find?

Seems there is something to the anecdotal evidence that we noted above.

The smartest states? Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Go figure.

Mississippi and Louisiana at the bottom, and bang, all stereotypes are in place. 

What was odd about the list? California rolling in at 48, for starters. Hawaii and New Mexico rounded out the bottom five.

This notion started in our brains with this article by Medium which does a nice job of capturing the societal aspects of the data.

Our fine state ranks 15th in Safe Home’s rankings of smartest Americans, which uses a different and more complex methodology than pure IQ.

From a pure IQ standpoint, Colorado ranks 20th, The best website we found that parsed the data out in a reader-friendly way is here at

Fascinating information really and might come in handy if you need to win a bar bet sometime. 

We hope you enjoy looking into this, we sure did.

Monthly Award Winners

Our monthly award winners for March were Maria Zapata, Sandra Vidales, Patricia Rodriguez, Nimia Espinoza, and Haydee Espinoza.

In the Team Leader ranks, it was Socorro Ibarra and Natalia Olivas.

We are so proud of our winners, and of all the folks that are in and out of your homes each week.

We are also very appreciative to be a part of your lives and your homes. You provide the platform for our teams to perform, and for that we are grateful.

Please join me in congratulating our best performers for the month of March.

Queen Bee Corner

by Angela

April is Dog Appreciation Month. 

Denver Concierge considers every month dog appreciation month. We love dogs great and small. Most love us back. Many of our clients’ dogs greet us eagerly each visit with wagging tails and enthusiastic jumps. Others not so much. 

But there are ways to establish an atmosphere of calm co-existence between our teams and all dogs, even those who see us as invaders. 

Formally introducing the dog on the first meet and greet shows the dog that these are welcome guests. A dog called by his given name is more likely to respond positively to requests.

Clients may feel the dog would be more at ease in his crate during the clean, or in another room. Long walks are fun as is time spent in the backyard chasing squirrels. A day at the doggy spa can’t be topped. 

Doggie biscuits left on the counter are helpful. If the dog is free to roam during the clean, these can be handy in convincing Lilly or Mookie to move to another area and are also valuable to calm loud welcoming barks that may go on a tad too long. 

We appreciate the consideration our clients show our ladies by the thoughtful arrangements they make for their furry friends on clean days. We know this can be bothersome. The effort means a great deal to our ladies. 

On our part, please rest assured that while we are guests in your home, we treat all your pets with kindness and compassion due to all animals everywhere. 


March Newsletter 2024

Happy Earth Month

You may have heard of Earth Day, which happens annually on April 22nd. However, you may not know that April is Earth Month.

Earth Day was started back in the 1970’s and is widely considered to be the genesis of the environmental movement in the USA.

The benefits of Earth Month are manifold. It serves as a powerful reminder of our shared responsibility to foster sustainable practices and protect natural resources. By raising awareness about environmental issues, Earth Month encourages people to adopt eco-friendly habits, such as reducing waste, conserving water, and minimizing carbon footprints.

At Denver Concierge, we do everything we can to minimize our footprint and do our part for the environment. As we have discussed here many times, we were the first Green Clean Institute-certified cleaning company in the entire state!

Every product we use is certified green and earth-friendly. 

We also train our people on ways to limit our footprint and to make decisions in the field that are environmentally friendly whenever possible.

So, we are here to remind you that by utilizing our services, you are indeed contributing to the environmental health of our planet, even if it is in a small way.

Finally, we have some cool stuff in this month’s newsletter. We have a rail line update on points north, a guest writer, and tips on how to deal with IRS matters, including extensions and filing tips.

We hope you enjoy it, and we thank you for using our earth-friendly company! 

Denver to Boulder Railway Plan

The notion of a rail line from Denver to parts north is not a new one.

In February, the notion took one step closer to becoming reality.

That route was originally part of a commuter rail plan approved by voters in 2004. Due to lack of funding, the project has never moved forward, no pun intended.

Now, all the involved entities are proposing to work together to build the route connecting those cities as an intercity rail route, rather than a commuter line. 

From the article on

The Denver Post reports that defining the route in that matter would unlock access to some $102 billion in federal funding not available for commuter projects.”

“The Front Range project seeks to create a 160-mile route from Fort Collins to Pueblo, and was among the 69 routes included in the Federal Railroad Administration’s Corridor Identification and Development Program announced late last year [see “Full list of passenger routes …,” Trains News Wire, Dec. 8, 2023]. The basic Front Range plan, with six trains a day, is estimated to cost at least $2 billion, the Post reports, making federal funding an essential element.”

The full white paper on this project can be found here.

While this seems like a cool idea, not everyone is so sure. Transportation guru Randal O’Toole doesn’t believe in this concept and lays out all the reasons why not in this fine article in 5280 Magazine.

We aren’t smart enough to fully understand the pros and cons of this, but we love the idea of easy transportation so we shall see what happens.

Multi-State Living Tips  

Multi-State Living for Entrepreneurs: Tips for Staying Organized

by John

Are you thinking about buying another home in a different state? If you own a business that has a location in another state, buying a second home near your business can make it easier to manage. You’ll always have somewhere comfortable to stay when you travel for business! If you intend on living in more than one state, it’s important to plan ahead so you can keep your life organized and uncomplicated. Here’s a quick guide from Denver Concierge to help ensure that your new living arrangement works for you! 

Hire a Knowledgeable Real Estate Agent

If the purpose of buying a second home is to make it easier to manage your business, you’ll want to find a place near your business location. Get in touch with a real estate agent who knows the area well. Look for homes that are low-maintenance and easy to leave empty when you need to travel back to your home state. For this purpose, a condo or apartment might be ideal!

You may even decide that renting is a better option since much of the upkeep will be included in your rent. Look into rentals in your desired areas and weigh the pros and cons of renting versus buying before you make a financial commitment.

Choose a Registered Agent for Your Business

Another key strategy is to obtain a registered agent for your business. A registered agent acts as a centralized point of contact for all legal and government correspondence, ensuring that important documents, such as legal summons or regulatory notices, are promptly received and addressed.

This service is especially beneficial for entrepreneurs who frequently travel or live in multiple states, as it eliminates the risk of missing critical communications due to their absence from a primary business location. Furthermore, a registered agent can provide invaluable assistance in maintaining compliance with state regulations, keeping your business in good standing in multiple states.

Protect Your Homes with Safety Products

Since you’ll be splitting your time between homes in different states, it’s important to prepare each of your homes for your absence. Invest in home safety products that will offer peace of mind while you’re away. Here are a few ideas:

●      Install motion detector lights to deter intruders.

●      Ensure your homes have working smoke alarms.

●      Setting up a video doorbell or other smart home device can help you monitor visitors from afar.

●      Pay for a monthly security system monitoring service.

Get Cleaning Help

Hiring professional cleaners is an efficient and effective strategy to maintain your homes, especially if you own properties in different states. These services ensure that your homes are not only clean and welcoming but also well-maintained, preserving their value and comfort.

For your home in Denver, consider the exemplary maid services provided by Denver Concierge. Known for their reliability, attention to detail, and eco-friendly cleaning practices, Denver Concierge stands out as a premier choice for homeowners seeking top-notch cleaning services.

Their professional team is trained to meet high standards of cleanliness and customer satisfaction, making them an ideal partner in keeping your Denver home in pristine condition.

Research the Cost of Living in Different Cities

When you live in more than one state, costs can add up quickly. Make sure you know what to expect in terms of cost before buying a second home somewhere else. You can find plenty of accurate cost of living information with a simple online search. Check out these examples to get started:

●      Car insurance in Greenwood, IN, averages $261 a month.

●      The average hourly rate for handyman services in Tulsa, OK, is around $60.

●      In Chicago, IL, house cleaners charge an average of $70 per hour.

Take Education with You

Online learning offers a flexible and efficient way to continue your education. The value of a degree, such as psychology from an accredited online university, cannot be overstated. Earning a psychology degree online, you gain a deeper understanding of human behavior, which can be incredibly beneficial in various aspects of business and personal interactions. Online classes are particularly advantageous as they can be tailored to fit any schedule, allowing you to study at your own pace and convenience, regardless of your location.

This flexibility is essential for entrepreneurs who often have irregular hours and travel frequently. By choosing an online learning platform, you ensure that your education journey moves with you, adapting seamlessly to your dynamic lifestyle while you work towards valuable academic and professional goals.

Some other popular fields to consider are nursing, IT, and business. Choose something that both interests you and fits well with your aspirations for the best chance of success.

Do Your Research and Plan Well

If you’re thinking about buying a second home in another state, think carefully about how this move will affect your life.

Planning ahead will go a long way toward ensuring that you enjoy multi-state living! Prepare your business for your absence by hiring a registered agent, get cleaning help from your kids, and take your education with you.

Being prepared will help you manage a multi-state living arrangement with greater ease and significantly less stress.

Pandemic Drinking Effects 

We have written here before about Colorado’s prodigious drinking habit.

In 2023, we came in 9th in the U.S., according to

That seems to be the good news. 

As we pick up all the pieces from our COVID experience, some things are coming into view. 

We drank a lot during the pandemic folks, maybe too much.

5280 Magazine did a very informative piece on this and it seems that we are seeing many young people are being diagnosed with liver disease.

From the article:

“According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the number of Coloradans who died from alcohol-associated liver disease (ALD) increased by more than 32 percent from 2019 to 2021. That’s reflective of the trend across the United States, where such deaths rose by more than 17 percent a year between 2019 and 2021, dwarfing the 3.5 percent annual increase over the previous decade.”

“Still, Colorado stands out: Researchers at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles ranked Colorado among the top six states for the number of ALD-related deaths during the pandemic.”

We vividly recall all the jokes about being cooped up and people “day drinking” but it seems like we may have overdone it.

If you are curious about the symptoms and treatments of liver disease, the folks at Johns Hopkins did a nice writeup here.

We hope none of this applies to you or those you love. Take care of your liver folks, you only have one.

Tax Time Tips & Tricks 

We have been known to procrastinate.

Taxes are due in April, and we are just getting organized.

We also like to stay on the good side of the IRS, so we found some great tips and tricks to make this time of year easier for all of us.

For us procrastinators, we will be filing for an extension. That can be done here.

Also, be aware that standard deductions and tax brackets have both been increased due to inflation. Earned Income Tax Credits are also increased.

If you happened to purchase energy-efficient items such as electric vehicles or solar for your home, there are still some great tax credits available.

For example, there are credits for 30% of qualifying home improvements, including up to $600 for energy-efficient windows and $2,000 for a qualified heat pump installed after January 1, 2023.

Experian produced a nice list of tips and tricks and it can be found here.

Lastly, we wanted to understand what the audit flags are in 2024 for the IRS.

What are the biggest flags for an audit? Missing income is the biggest one. Be aware of all the documents that are filed on your behalf by other parties. Discrepancies there are the most common flag.

Any questionable or large deductions, business losses, or undervalued assets on estate taxes will also grab the attention of the IRS.

Financial Advisors did a quick article on audit flags and it can be found here.

Remember Tax Day is Monday, April 15!

Monthly Award Winners

Our monthly award winners for February were Haydee Espinoza, Aurora Dominguez, Nimia Espinoza, Patricia Rodriguez, and Maria Zapata.

In the Team Leader ranks, it was Brenda Garcia and Laura Varela.

We are so proud of our winners, and of all the folks that are in and out of your homes each week.

We are also very appreciative to be a part of your lives and your homes. You provide the platform for our teams to perform, and for that we are grateful.

Please join me in congratulating our best performers for February.

Queen Bee Corner

by Angela

Now that we are getting into planting season and warmer weather, more time spent outdoors may require the occasional or regular upkeep of decks and patios or pool houses. Denver Concierge can help.

Cleaning these outside areas is optional, so you may add as needed each time or tack on to your existing cleaning instructions during the fair-weather months.

As a reminder, we can also clean inside refrigerators, freezers, cabinets, or pantries; areas that are not included regularly but we are happy to add.

Please also feel free to request other occasional cleaning tasks outside the team’s regular scope.

We will try our best to comply but as our ladies’ safety is the top priority there may be a few we will not be able to undertake.

That said, it’s always free to ask! Thank you for understanding.


February Newsletter 2024

Happy Leap Day 

Have you ever wondered why some years have an extra day in February? These years are called leap years, and they happen almost every four years. But what are leap years, and why do we need them?

Leap years are important to keep our calendar in sync with the seasons and the Earth’s orbit around the sun. A calendar year is 365 days long, but a solar year, or the time it takes for the Earth to go around the sun once, is about 365.24 days. That means we must add an extra day every four years to make up for the missing 0.24 days.

The idea of leap years goes back to ancient times when the Romans used a lunar calendar that was 10 days shorter than a solar year.  Julius Caesar changed this by creating a new calendar based on the sun, with an extra day every four.

Later, Pope Gregory XIII improved this system by adding some exceptions to the leap year rule.

Leap years help us celebrate the seasons at the right time of the year, and also give us a chance to do something special on February 29.

Did you know that if you were born on a leap day, you are a leapling, and you can celebrate your birthday on February 28 or March 1 in non-leap years? If it were us, we would do both days, but we love a good celebration.

So, happy birthday to any leaplings out there!

If you want to go further down the leap year rabbit hole, check out  and their piece here.

We hope you take advantage of the extra day this year and that you now know some of the history behind this unique day that won’t return until 2028!

Pet Insurance

If your first thought regarding whether or not to buy pet insurance is that it is a ‘first world’ problem, we agree with you.

That’s until you get a bill for $7000 for a hip replacement for Fido. Yikes.

So, we decided to dive into this topic and try and get educated about whether or not pet insurance is a good idea.

Of course, we love our furry friends, feathered friends, and even scaly friends as much as you do. For us, they are family, and we want ours healthy, so we completely get it.

Now, on to the brass tacks. We found a good article on Forbes which states, “The average pet insurance cost for dogs is $576 per year and the average pet insurance cost for cats is $336 per year.”

That’s for a policy with $5,000 of annual coverage, a $250 deductible and an 80% reimbursement level. A policy with unlimited annual coverage, a $250 deductible and an 80% reimbursement level costs an average of $816 per year for dogs and $480 per year for cats.”

That seems reasonable to us, but it also depends on the age of your pet and lots of other factors like whether they are inside or outside mostly.

Finally, we ran across a great article from Consumer Affairs which provides a matching service with the main pet insurance providers, along with the costs of each option, 

It’s a great worksheet that asks a lot of questions and will definitely help your decision-making process. 

Our conclusions? We hope you never need to use it, but pet insurance might be worth looking into depending on your circumstances.

What’s Your ‘Real’Age?

The journey of aging can certainly be a challenging one.

It becomes more challenging when we engage in bad habits from drinking and smoking, or just one too many pizzas.

While we can easily see our “outside” we cannot really see our inside, so when we ran across a new way to calculate our health, we jumped at the chance to inform you.

Have you heard about ePWV? It stands for estimated pulse wave variability, and recent studies have shown that it is a great indicator of lifespan and cardiovascular health.

A quick Google of this term and you will assuredly be gone into the scientific abyss. If you are like us, your eyes might glaze over and that is that.

In the interest of sparing you the techno-babble of medical science, allow us to share with you the article from Medium about “Abandoning Biological Age” that spurred our interest.

This boils down the concept and also provides a very handy calculator at the end so you can put your own data in and then find out what your “actual age” is.

For those of you that are bored, or as the kids say ‘TLDR’, the calculator can be found here. (editor’s note, it is a downloadable file)

We would strongly recommend reading the article above for grounding though, as it can be a bit confusing.

If you really want to geek out, a detailed description of ePWV and why it is an excellent marker of health can be found here.

Here’s to health, and hoping you get a ‘Supernova’ rating on your calculations!

Sunset Amphitheater

As you avid readers know, we love to support the arts and really enjoy a great music venue.

If you haven’t heard, our friends down in the Springs have recently announced a fabulous new venue called Sunset Amphitheater.

Looking at the photo above, it looks amazing and state-of-the-art. From 9News, “The 8,000-seat open-air amphitheater said it plans to open for the first concert on Friday, Aug. 9, at the Polaris Pointe development near the Air Force Academy.”

“The builder of the venue, Notes Live, said Sunset Amphitheater is part of a $90 million entertainment campus that will host large touring acts with a top-of-the-line audio-visual system, a self-draining grass berm, and more than 90 luxury fire pit suites.”

The venue opens on August 9th featuring Colorado’s own One Republic. Steve Miller Band and Dierks Bently have also committed to shows there.

For more information on this great new spot, visit their website here. We hope to see you out there!

Denver Restaurant Week

It is that time again, Denver Restaurant Week is upon us.

Starting on Friday, March 1, it runs through the 10th.

For those of you not familiar with this Denver tradition, 2024 marks its 20th anniversary.

From their website, “There are four price points this year (with both to-go and in-person options): $25, $35, $45 and $55 for multi-course meals. The tiered pricing structure allows restaurants to provide great deals for diners and a robust representation of Denver’s increasingly renowned culinary offerings.”

“VISIT DENVER’s program was originally created to showcase the city’s dining scene to local residents over a traditionally slow time of year for the restaurant industry. In its inaugural year, the program had 83 participating restaurants. In 2023, more than 200 restaurants signed up.”

The complete details for this fun 10 days can be found here.

What a great opportunity to experience Denver’s finest cuisine at a reasonable price. Enjoy!!!

Monthly Award Winners

Our monthly award winners for January were Maria Zapata, Patricia Rodriguez, Josefina Quinonez, Mary Moreno, and Nimia Espinosa.

In the Team Leader ranks, it was Socorro Ibarra and Isela Mendoza.

We are so proud of our winners, and of all the folks that are in and out of your homes each week.

We are also very appreciative to be a part of your lives and your homes. You provide the platform for our teams to perform, and for that we are grateful.

Please join me in congratulating our best performers for the month of January.

Queen Bee Corner

by Angela

 I still encounter from time to time a certain amount of confusion about what services Denver Concierge provides and what services are beyond our scope.

The confusion lies in understanding the difference between housekeeping and housecleaning.

For example, a housekeeper, as the name implies, keeps the house tidy, putting clothes and dishes away, feather dusting surfaces, and perhaps a quick once over with a carpet sweeper to pick up any obvious debris on the carpet. 

Housecleaners on the other hand are there to “clean”.  They do not view the house through the same lens as the housekeeper.  Where the housekeeper sees the throw pillows on the sofa are crooked, the housecleaner sees the dog hair underneath.

As cleaners, they are not trained to tidy up, clean out or rearrange. Their sole focus is on getting the house as clean as it can be from top to bottom, including the underlying areas where dust and dirt are likely to accumulate.

Having said that, there are certain houses we have cleaned for years where the team indeed knows the exact placement of the throw pillows.

Familiarity with a home invariably blurs the lines between the”‘ keeping” and the “cleaning” if only to a small degree.

A few times we have honored a request to add an outlier task to the cleaning routine but only if we feel it is within the capabilities of the assigned team. 

Our goal at Denver Concierge is to always offer only what we can achieve to make our clients and our clients’ houses happy.


December Newsletter 2023

2023 Review and 2024 Outlook 

How was your 2023?

Ours was fun and eventful but much too short!!! As the years go by, they seem to go faster and faster.

We want to be among the first to wish you an incredibly Happy New Year and hope for a prosperous 2024. 

Before we wave goodbye to 2023, we thought we would reflect on our year and share the good and the bad with you.

For starters, the good. Our clients. We love you. It’s not about the money or the reputation, for us it’s about our relationships. With you and your family, with your pets, and with your home in general.

Angela tells me cute stories all the time about her interactions with you and it truly feels like family to us. Thankfully, we employ a lot of happy people as well and each one that cleans your home feels a bond with you, which we appreciate. In short, it’s way more than housecleaning for us, and for that we are grateful. 

You may not realize that we started back in 1998, so for many of you there are 25 years of relationships. Hard to believe really, but here we are, still chugging along, in many cases cleaning the homes of the young children, now adults, that we met way back then.

We also are thankful for our many partners and contributors, and we feel like those relationships got even stronger in 2023. Coming out of the weird “pandemic times” seems to have brought many of us closer, which is also a wonderful feeling.

So, what could have been better in 2023?

Well, those of you who know us well know that we suffer from painful honesty as we traverse this world of commerce, so we will tell it like it is.

The labor situation across the Front Range is challenging at best. 

You may not be aware that Denver had the third-highest statutory minimum wage in the United States at $17.29. That will be rising in 2024 to $18.29. We absolutely hate raising prices, but with the majority of our costs coming from labor, our fine city has left us no choice. 

If you look at recent history, you can see why local businesses are facing such pressure. 

The citywide minimum wage was $12.85 per hour in 2020, $14.77 per hour in 2021, $15.87 per hour in 2022, and $17.29 per hour in 2023. The 2024 wage represents a 42% increase from 2020. Pretty startling when you see it in print. 

Also startling is that the federal minimum wage is still only $7.25. Wow.

Related to labor in 2023, we have also had difficulty hiring the right people to clean your homes. We will not hire just anyone, as we believe what we do and how we do it is quite different than anyone else, so this was a challenge as well.

Going forward into 2024 we vow to do everything in our power to offset the headwinds that are facing our business (and most others). We will continue to do everything possible to keep our costs down so we can manage our pricing effectively and give you the value we know you desire.

Angela has some pointers about how to keep the cost of your cleans down going forward, see this month’s Queen Bee feature below to learn more.

We are committed to remaining consistent and delivering the Front Range’s best housecleaning service. If for any reason you ever feel like we aren’t doing that, please let us know immediately. We stand behind what we do 100% and can’t live with anyone feeling unsatisfied.

So onward into 2024. For those of you who make resolutions, we found some tips about just how to keep them.

We wish you the best for 2024 and hope that it is a wonderful and truly magnificent year for every one of you.

As always, you have our gratitude and our commitment to be the best partner you and your home can ask for.

Happy New Year!!!

Pay Those Red Light Tickets

Ah yes, the old red-light tickets and photo traffic enforcement. For years we weren’t sure about whether or not they had to be paid. 

In fact, in Colorado before June of this year, we technically didn’t have to, unless we were served in person.

In a little-publicized law that was enacted this past June, that is no longer the case.

From the article on Fox News, “The new law passed in June says that when your citation is mailed first class, it’s been served to you. It doesn’t matter if it was sent to an old address, or you claim that you didn’t get it in the mail.”

“As soon as they send it out, you’re affirmed guilty,” said Ramirez. “It doesn’t matter if they have the right address or right anything, it’s on you to make sure that all your information is up to date, make sure all your licensing and information is up to date, at all times. Because if it’s not, that isn’t necessarily going to be an excuse for the fine.”

Looks like another revenue stream for our government indeed.

Should you fail to pay within 30 days, the fine will go up, and ultimately you will be sent to collection, which could negatively impact your credit rating.

The complete article on the law change can be found here.

The bill and all of its juicy details can be found here, in case you want to see the nuts and bolts.

Finally, we found a comprehensive list of all red light and traffic cameras here, in case you want to be on the lookout.

Do be aware though, that there are temporary cameras that are often set up in places not on this list, so keep your guard up!!

2024 Lower Heating Bills 

Not long ago, we covered the increases we have all had to endure with our monthly energy bills.

It appears Xcel has listened and there is good news coming.

From the recent article in the Denver Business Journal, “Xcel said Friday it expects monthly natural gas bills for home heating to drop by 4.5% on average in the first quarter of next year compared to current prices, and the typical monthly bill will drop 28% when compared to what it was in the first quarter of 2023.”

“That’s an average residential savings of $4.87 per month compared to bills for heating this month and represents a typical heating bill reduction of $39.11 per month compared to what the typical homeowner paid Xcel for natural gas heating at the start of 2023, the utility said.”

“For small businesses, the heating bills in January-March will drop 5.14%, saving small companies on average $23.28 per month and making the typical small-business heating bill $429.46. Compared to the first-quarter bills in 2023, the prices will shave $186.45 per month off the $615.91 monthly bill the average small business paid at the start of 2023.”

This is great news for all of us and a fine way to start 2024. 

The complete article from the Denver Business Journal can be found here.

The Denver Post also did a piece today on what we can expect going forward into ’24. For those of you with a Post subscription, that article can be found here.

In this inflationary economy, every bit helps, so we are excited about this development!

Denver’s Best Restaurants New and Old 

It’s been a while since we discussed Denver’s dining scene.

We still love to eat and enjoy Denver’s great culinary scene, so here goes.

Let’s start with 5280’s list of the best new restaurants in our fine city.

From Chilean food to two new French restaurants, Denver has us covered. That dish in the photo is courtesy of LeFrench, and it looks delicious to us.

The complete list of newcomers to our dining scene can be found here, thanks to 5280 Magazine.

We love novel places, but we also love our staples.

So, what are the best 25 restaurants across the Front Range?

Well, avid reader, you might recognize some of the staples on this list. Frasca (Boulder) for example, is a perennial member of the list.

Uchi has also made this list before, but we also found many establishments that we haven’t tried yet that look fascinating. 

We can, however, recommend A5 as one of the best steaks we have ever had, including a bavette and tri-tip cut one rarely sees in restaurants. 

The complete list of the top 25 restaurants in Denver can be found here.

Unfortunately, they aren’t ranked in any order, so we will have to try them all and see for ourselves.

Hope to see you out there, fellow diners.

Home Downsizing for Seniors

By Guest Writer Max Stevens, National Contractors Association

You’re embarking on an exciting new chapter, transitioning into a smaller, more manageable living space that will ensure both your continued safety and a reduction in expenses. However, this journey requires careful planning and consideration, especially when it involves leaving a home filled with memories and possessions. In this article, courtesy of Denver Concierge, we’ll offer a comprehensive guide to help you navigate through this significant life change efficiently and thoughtfully.

Estate Planning Insights

As you consider selling your cherished home, it’s crucial to understand the estate planning implications. Consulting with an estate planner ensures that decisions about property ownership and inheritance are well-informed. They will guide you through potential tax impacts, helping you preserve your financial legacy for your loved ones. This step is vital for peace of mind and financial clarity.

Tech-Savvy Home Prep

In preparing your current home for sale, technology can be your ally. Home management apps are invaluable, connecting you with reliable contractors for necessary updates or repairs. For instance, if your home requires appliance repair, these apps can be a quick, efficient solution that allow you to find the best service for your budget. Leveraging technology streamlines the process, making your transition smoother and more efficient.

Evaluating Care Options

For some, the best downsizing option might be a skilled nursing facility, offering specialized care and support. Thoroughly research facilities online, examining each one’s services, reputation, and care quality. This decision is deeply personal and requires thoughtful consideration of your health, lifestyle, and personal preferences. Making an informed choice will ensure comfort and peace of mind in your new home.

Refinancing Strategies

Consider the financial benefits of refinancing your existing home. In an ever-changing economic landscape, refinancing might offer more favorable interest rates or access to additional funds, aiding your downsizing transition. This financial move could provide you with more liquidity or better mortgage terms, aligning with your current needs and future plans.

Declutter with Expertise

Downsizing often means parting with possessions that won’t fit in your new space. Hiring a professional organizer can transform this daunting task into an achievable, even enjoyable, process. They’ll help you sort through belongings, decide what to keep, donate, or discard, making your move smoother and less overwhelming. Their expertise can turn a challenging task into a liberating experience. You can also hire a professional cleaning crew to come in and help you prepare your home for sale, which will cut down on potential trip-and-fall hazards and ensure that the space is ready for your buyers.

Market Timing Mastery

Understanding the real estate market’s current state is essential before selling your home. The market’s condition significantly influences sale prices and the ease of finding a buyer. Conduct thorough research or consult a real estate expert to determine the best time to sell. Timing your move right could lead to a more profitable and stress-free selling experience.

Tax-Savvy Moving

Investigating potential tax exemptions or deductions related to downsizing is a crucial step in optimizing your financial strategy. A consultation with a tax professional could uncover opportunities to maximize the financial benefits of your move, which might otherwise be overlooked. Understanding these tax implications can lead to significant savings, directly impacting your financial health during this transition.

Your journey to downsizing is a multi-faceted process that involves more than just moving to a smaller space; it’s about making informed, strategic decisions for a comfortable and secure future. By thoroughly considering key aspects and utilizing tools such as a home maintenance repair app, you lay the foundation for a smooth transition. Embracing this change with confidence comes from knowing that you are well-prepared and have considered all angles of this life shift. This new chapter in your life, filled with potential and promise, is a testament to your thoughtful planning and readiness for change.

Ready to get some help with cleaning your home? Get in touch with the team at Denver Concierge today to learn more about the services you can choose from.

Monthly Award Winners

Our monthly award winners for November were Maria Zapata, Mary Moreno, Josefina Quinonez, Haydee Espinosa, and Patricia Rodriguez.

In the Team Leader ranks, it was Brenda Garcia and Isela Mendoza.

We are so proud of our winners, and of all the folks that are in and out of your homes each week.

We are also very appreciative to be a part of your lives and your homes. You provide the platform for our teams to perform, and for that we are grateful.

Please join me in congratulating our best performers for the month of November.

Be on the lookout next month as we announce our annual winners for 2023!

Queen Bee Corner

by Angela

Recently I have been receiving client texts asking what you can do as clients to make your housecleaning day more efficient, i.e., more timely and less costly, without forgoing the quality.

The following scenario, while likely unattainable in its entirety,  will illustrate the various traits that go into creating the optimum clean. 

On the clean day, the best scenario; a team arrives, parks next to the house, uses a code or key to enter.  Clients are not home.  Pets are corralled in a pet area, surfaces are uncluttered, and floors are free of clothing and toys.

Instructions have been relayed via text to the Team Leader at the time of dispatch so each team member knows her specific task.  Starting at the top of the house the team works its way down to the bottom, like clockwork, no hindrances. Orderly, efficient, detailed, and timely.

Obviously, individual family lifestyles, size, furnishings, and schedules all go into what aspects of the above scenario could be adopted on any given clean day.

More clients now work from home, unexpected workers or guests show up, science or craft projects need to remain in place; however, even managing one or two small aspects from the above will help with the overall efficiency.

And keep in mind, I am just a text away for any questions.


November Newsletter 2023

No Stress Holiday Season 

Ah the holidays, we love ’em. Well mostly, anyway.

We love the time with family and friends, but we don’t love the stress of holiday shopping, the commercial madness, and just how tense most folks seem to be.

So, for 2023, we are making a vow to de-stress this holiday season. That starts with a clean house, hopefully!!! We are here for your holiday cleaning, as usual, but wanted to provide other ways to de-stress and make this the best holiday season ever.

If this looks like you, then maybe join us on our journey!

For starters, see below for one of our favorite people to help you do just that. You can outsource a number of different things, including decor, gift-buying, and party planning to name a few. Read on for details.

Beyond that, Johns Hopkins put out a short list of tips to destress, and we also found a good list by which can be found here.

It’s easy to forget the meaning of the holidays when you feel like the person in the photo above. We hope your holiday season is exactly the opposite this year and leads you into a wonderful 2024.

Finally, we will be closed on Monday, December 25th for Christmas Day, and Monday, January 1st for the start of the new year and to give our folks a much-needed break or two.

We wish you all the best for a peaceful and stress-free holiday season!!!!

Tax Law Changes

Did you know there are seven tax brackets in the U.S. tax code?

The marginal rates — 10%, 12%, 22%, 24%, 32%, 35% and 37% — remain unchanged from 2023.

While the rates themselves are not changing, due to inflation, the amount needed to hit each bracket has been adjusted upward.

This is done so cost of living increases don’t result in a bigger tax burden for taxpayers.

For example, in 2023, if you earned $89,450 you were at the top of the 12% bracket, with $190,750 at the top of the next bracket at 22%.

In 2024, those numbers change to $94,300 and $201,750, respectively.

The standard deduction has also been changed, with the single deduction going from $13,850 to $14,600, and the married joint-filing deduction from  $27,700 to $29,200. 

There are also changes to gift taxes, estate taxes, and HSA/FSA allowed amounts. 

Nerd Wallet did a comprehensive piece on this and all the changes and it can be found here.

Home Design Trends 2024 

What will be new in 2024 in terms of home design trends?

Well, we are glad you asked, because we have the scoop!!!

For starters, there will be a move away from minimalism.

From our friend Marina Dagenais at Designer Premier, “Home decor trends in 2024 will see a seismic shift away from minimalism.” “Colorful interiors are upstaging simple all-white interiors, grays, and black color schemes.”

“Thankfully, there are many ways to take the plunge and transform your home into a vibrant and unique space. These nine tips for incorporating color into your home interiors will prove minimalism isn’t the only way!”

Marina is always plugged into the latest design trends, and we found an article on Business Insider that backs up her predictions.

Marina did a wonderful blog about the new trends away from minimalism and goes into detail on bright wallpaper, textured rugs and the like, you can view that here.

Finally, one of our favorite things (we don’t know why) is the Pantone Color of the Year. The winner? 

Apricot Crush, of course.

As always, for interior design tips as well as finding the best interior designer, contact Marina here.

Partners We Love 

One of our favorite partners is Allison Welch of As You Wish. 

Allison is the founder of As You Wish, a personal assistant, event planner, and concierge. 

She and her wonderful team are available this holiday season to assist with just about anything you can imagine.

From personal shopping to party planning, the team at As You Wish are the consummate professionals.

From Allison directly: “If you are looking for more TIME this holiday season, our team of personal assistants can help with shopping, party planning, wrapping gifts, and all of your holiday decor”.

Having worked with Allison directly for years, we highly recommend her services.

She has many great testimonials and they can be found here.

To reach Allison and the As You Wish team, you can email them at [email protected], or by clicking here.

Here’s to a stress-free holiday season!!!

Is your Phone Secure?

Do you have an iPhone? If so, you should be aware of the latest security issue facing Apple’s flagship product.

It appears that following the recent update of IOS, iPhones can “trade” contact information with other iPhones.

The latest “feature” is called NameDrop and per Apple’s website: “With iOS 17.1 and watchOS 10.1, you can use NameDrop to quickly share contact information with a nearby iPhone or Apple Watch,” 

The ease and quickness of sharing information from phones has police sounding security alarms, while others believe the message is not necessary.

We aren’t taking any chances.

The feature defaults to “on”, so to turn Apple’s NameDrop feature off, go to settings → general → AirDrop, then tap the green button next to “start sharing by bringing devices together.” The green section should turn gray when it is off. 

Security issues aren’t just limited to iPhones either, they just have the most current and newsworthy issue.

Regardless of which phone you have, the end of the year is always a good time to check passwords and do security reviews on our devices.

A good checklist on how to proceed can be found here.

There are lots of creative scams out there that we should all be aware of. The folks at ZDNet came up with a list of the top 9 security risks for mobile devices and it can be found here.

When in doubt, don’t accept anything that pops up on your phone unless you are 100% certain you know the source.

Monthly Award Winners

Our monthly award winners for October were Maria Zapata, Mary Moreno, Guadalupe Coloco, Josefina Quinonez, and Yesica Censo.

In the Team Leader ranks, it was Natalia Olivas and Laura Varela.

As the year winds down, stay tuned for our “best of the best” winners for the entire year.

We are so proud of our winners, and of all the folks that are in and out of your homes each week.

We are also very appreciative to be a part of your lives and your homes. You provide the platform for our teams to perform, and for that we are grateful.

Please join me in congratulating our best performers for the month of October.

Queen Bee Corner

by Angela

As we move into the winter season,I am starting to receive client questions on how best to leave a holiday gift for the ladies who clean your homes.

To be clear, tipping is always absolutely optional. Denver Concierge employees are paid a generous wage, and unlike employees in the restaurant business, do not rely on tips to balance out their pay.

However, should a client wish to give a gift, the best way to go about it is to leave it with a small card bearing the Team Leader’s name. She will know who has been working in your house the most consistently throughout the year and can share accordingly.

An equally simple way is to leave the gift with the Team Leader to be taken to the office. The office staff will know how to distribute fairly and ensure that the ladies know who the gift is from.

In any case we thank you for inviting Denver Concierge into your homes over the past year and for your kindness of spirit toward our ladies. We especially thank your four-legged members for their consistently enthusiastic welcome each and every visit. 

Happy Holidays!


September Newsletter 2023

How Clean is Your Air? 

One thing few of us seem to think about is air quality, especially indoors. Who out there has ever heard of a VOC?

We know all about VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and their effects on our health and environment. We had to, as part of our Green Clean Institute annual certification, discussed in past newsletters.

VOCs are a diverse group of chemicals that can easily vaporize into the air, emanating from various household sources such as paints, cleaning products, furniture, and even some building materials. While they are essential components of many products, high levels of VOCs can have adverse health effects, including headaches, respiratory issues, and even long-term health risks.

We try to do our part over here at Denver Concierge, and while we can’t do much about VOCs we can help improve indoor air quality (IAQ) by way of our very deep cleaning. 

A thorough deep housecleaning can significantly improve IAQ by removing dust, allergens, pollutants, and contaminants that accumulate in your home over time. Here’s how it works:

  1. Dust and Allergen Removal: Dust is a common source of indoor air pollution and can contain allergens like pollen, pet dander, and dust mites. Deep cleaning involves dusting, vacuuming, and wiping surfaces to eliminate these particles, preventing them from circulating in the air and triggering allergies or respiratory issues.
  2. Mold and Mildew Control: Damp or humid areas in your home can foster the growth of mold and mildew, which release spores and mycotoxins into the air. Deep cleaning tackles these areas, reducing the risk of mold-related health problems.
  3. Pet Hair and Dander: If you have pets, deep cleaning helps remove pet hair and dander from carpets, furniture, and other surfaces. This can significantly reduce allergens in the air.
  4. Chemical and VOC Reduction: Cleaning products and household items can release volatile organic compounds into the air. Denver Concierge uses only eco-friendly and low-VOC cleaning solutions, minimizing the introduction of harmful chemicals into your indoor environment.
  5. Reduction of Pest Allergens: Deep cleaning can help control pests and their allergens, such as cockroach droppings. Proper sanitation can deter pests and reduce their impact on IAQ.

In summary, deep housecleaning removes various sources of indoor air contaminants and reduces allergens and pollutants. Regular deep cleaning, in conjunction with good housekeeping practices, can lead to a healthier and more comfortable indoor environment, ultimately enhancing IAQ and the well-being of occupants.

Beyond housecleaning, there are other ways to improve IAQ, including these ideas by the EPA.

Also, some practical tips from can be found here.

There is even a school of thought that plants can assist in keeping our air fresh. Read on for a great piece by guest writer Jo Ellen Myers Sharp on the usefulness of various plants in your home, including ones that not only smell good but deter insects!!!

Thanks for letting us help keep your air clean and healthy!!!

Leaf Peepers Rejoice

Fall arrived quickly, and it is a wonderful time to enjoy the beauty of nature in Colorado, especially near Denver, where there are many scenic drives and hikes that showcase the vibrant colors of the aspen trees.

Whether you are looking for a short trip or a full-day adventure, here are some of the best places to see fall foliage near Denver.

•  Guanella Pass: This 22-mile road connects Georgetown and Grant, and offers stunning views of Mount Bierstadt and Mount Evans. You can see aspens turning gold at elevations from 8,000 to 10,000 feet above sea level. There are also many hiking trails along the pass, such as the Silver Dollar Lake Trail and the Bierstadt Trail.

•  Peak to Peak Highway: This 55-mile route runs from Black Hawk to Estes Park, passing through Nederland, Ward, and Allenspark. You can enjoy the views of the Continental Divide and Rocky Mountain National Park. You can also stop by the historic towns and attractions, such as the Carousel of Happiness in Nederland and the Chapel on the Rock in Allenspark

•  San Juan Skyway: This 236-mile loop takes you through some of the most beautiful landscapes in southern Colorado, including the San Juan Mountains and the San Juan National Forest. Along with beautiful fall colors, you can explore the charming towns of Durango, Dolores, Telluride, and Ouray.

You can also visit the Mesa Verde National Park and the Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad along the way.

The fine folks at published a great list of day trips for leaf peeping and it can be found here.

More info from Thrillist as well.

Finally, our friends at 5280 Magazine published their list of day trips with 20 hikes near Denver that are “perfect for fall”.

These are just some of the best places to see fall foliage near Denver, but there are many more to discover. So grab your camera and your jacket, and head out to enjoy the splendor of autumn in Colorado.

Plants That Repel Mosquitos? 

By Guest Writer Jo Ellen Meyers Sharp

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the fragrance of roses or honeysuckle repelled insects? They don’t, but some plants with an enjoyable smell do deter mosquitoes and other pests.

The trick is these plants themselves might not have an enjoyable scent – or any smell at all – but they yield a fragrance when turned into an essential oil or when leaves are rubbed together that will keep away mosquitoes and other bugaboos.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look (or sniff) at basil, catnip, citronella grass, lavender, and mint. All of these plants are commonly found in herb gardens, cat toys, flower gardens, and yards in Denver’s best neighborhoods.

Basil (Ocimum basilicum) 

Probably one of the freshest fragrances of summer, basil adds a wonderful brightness to many foods. It is prized for its flavorful leaves, and like other insect-repelling plants, it’s the oil in basil that fends off insects.

You may find some repellant if basil leaves are rubbed on your skin. Basil also may be helpful when crushed and rubbed on insect bites.

Catnip (Nepeta cataria)

Cats love catnip and so do bees and other pollinators, but the magic repellant in catnip comes after the leaves are crushed and rubbed on the skin.

Catnip is in the mint family, however, and can spread quickly to take over a garden. Catmint (N. racemosa) is a catnip relative and cats like it, too, but it is a clump grower rather than a spreader. 

Citronella grass (Cymbopogon nardus) 

True citronella – that scent that repels mosquitoes via candles, tiki torches, and coil bracelets – comes from citronella grass, a lemongrass-like plant.

However, unlike edible lemongrass (C. citratus), citronella grass, an annual, is not edible. Rather, its stalks are harvested for their essential oil. That’s the oil found in candles and other products with citronella as an ingredient.  

Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia)

A beautiful and fragrant plant, English lavender is a popular small woody perennial in pollinator gardens. If lavender attracts buzzing insects, will it deter others?

Two types of lavender are recommended for the Colorado landscape. English lavender and lavandin (L. latifolia). English lavender usually blooms twice a season. Lavandin plants are larger, but they bloom only once. 

The best bug-fighting part of lavender is its essential oils. Look for lavender oil at health food stores and other similar outlets. Rub the oil on the parts of the body you want to protect.

All is not lost with lavender plants, though. Harvest the stems, pick off, and lightly chop the leaves to mix with scones, ice cream, or other food. Yum!

Mints (Mentha spp.) 

Mint plants alone won’t deter insects, but the oils of peppermint, spearmint, and other mints have repellant characteristics. Research shows the oil – menthol – has insect-fighting qualities.

Remember mints can spread way beyond their space with underground stems (rhizomes). Mints have many other uses in the home garden, however. They can be harvested for teas, jellies, salads, and other food and drinks, including mojitos and mint juleps.  

What We’ve Learned 

These and many other plants are credited with repelling insects while smelling good. While we appreciate the fragrance of these plants, we also recognize that the bug-fighting attributes come from the essential oils rather than the plants themselves.

While rubbing the leaves of these plants on your skin to fend off insects may help, it’s not as effective as using the essential oils associated with the plants. Some people may have an allergic reaction to essential oils rubbed on the skin, so test a patch first.

One option is to place aromatic plants in pots on the deck or plant them around the patio in the hopes of keeping insects away. But will plants alone repel bugs and other pests? You might want to light a citronella candle or tiki torch, especially if you want to keep away mosquitoes.

Jo Ellen Meyers Sharp is an award-winning garden writer, editor, and speaker. Known as a hortiholic, she frequently says her eyes are too big for her yard. Find her blog at

Colorado’s New Laws 

We recently wrote about Colorado’s new “move over law” as well as the crackdown on crossing solid white lines in traffic.

What other laws are hitting the books this fall? Effective October 1st, the following new laws are in effect throughout our fine state:

• A law that requires a three-day waiting period for firearm purchases and allows victims of gun violence to sue the firearm industry for knowingly breaching.

•  A law that changes the right-of-way rules in roundabouts, giving priority to larger vehicles such as buses and trucks.

•  A law that clarifies the 48-hour bond hearing requirement for people in jail.

•  A law that reclassifies certain felony offenses, such as aggravated cruelty to animals.

•  A law that expands the eligibility for postconviction DNA testing for people who claim innocence.

•  A law that prohibits landlords from requiring tenants to waive certain legal rights in their leases, such as the right to participate in class-action lawsuits or jury trials.

•  A law that regulates the sale and possession of “ghost guns”, which are firearms that are not serialized or registered. However, some provisions of this law will not take effect until January 1, 2024.

Be careful in those roundabouts!

Maintaining Mental Acuity

As we journey through life, one constant companion is the inexorable passage of time. With each passing year, our bodies and minds undergo natural changes, including shifts in cognitive function.

Sadly, we know many of you have had experience with aging family members and we have as well.

It makes us wonder what can be done to slow the aging process of the brain, and just exactly how we “stay sharp” as we age.

The good news is that there are ways to slow down mental aging and maintain sharpness, reducing the risk of conditions like dementia. We rustled up the best tips we could find online below:

  1. Stay Physically Active: Regular exercise not only benefits your body but also boosts brain health. It increases blood flow to the brain, encourages the growth of new neurons, and enhances cognitive function.
  2. Mental Stimulation: Engage your brain through lifelong learning. Read books, solve puzzles, learn a new language, or take up a musical instrument. These activities challenge your brain and keep it agile.
  3. A Balanced Diet: Proper nutrition is crucial. Omega-3 fatty acids found in fish, antioxidants in fruits and vegetables, and foods rich in vitamins E and C all support brain health.
  4. Adequate Sleep: Sleep is essential for memory consolidation and cognitive functioning. Aim for 7-9 hours of quality sleep each night.
  5. Social Connections: Maintain strong social networks. Interacting with friends and family stimulates brain activity and emotional well-being.
  6. Stress Management: Chronic stress can damage the brain. Practice relaxation techniques like meditation or mindfulness to reduce stress levels.
  7. Brain-Boosting Supplements: Some supplements, like ginkgo biloba or vitamin D, may support brain health, but consult with a healthcare professional before adding them to your routine.
  8. Regular Check-ups: Monitor your overall health, as conditions like hypertension, diabetes, or high cholesterol can negatively impact cognitive function.

The National Institute for Aging published a list of ways to combat mental decline and it can be found here.

By adopting these practices into your lifestyle, you can significantly reduce the risk of cognitive decline and dementia.

Finally, a fine list of tips on memory improvement can be found here, courtesy of the University of St. Augustine.

Remember, it’s never too early or too late to start working on your brain health. Embrace these habits, and you’ll be well on your way to a sharper, more vibrant mind throughout your life’s journey.

Monthly Award Winners

Our monthly award winners for August were Mary Moreno, Josefina Quinonez, Aurora Dominguez, Haydee Espinosa, and Fernanda Gonzalez.

In the Team Leader ranks, it was Mayra Soto and Socorro Ibarra.

We are so proud of our winners, and of all the folks that are in and out of your homes each week.

We are also very appreciative to be a part of your lives and your homes. You provide the platform for our teams to perform, and for that we are grateful.

Please join me in congratulating our best performers for the month of August.

Queen Bee Corner

by Angela

In response to a question I am frequently asked, we do not offer fixed quotes for house cleaning. We don’t feel that a walkthrough of taking notes while speaking to a client will result in a true reading of the time required to clean.

Quotes, by their nature, are based on an estimated time to do a job. If a quote is too low, there are two ways to deal with it. The team must work faster, or the company will lose money on that clean.

Neither option works for us. To put a time limit on a clean is not only unfair to our employees, but it most certainly would result in less than our trademark quality.

Denver Concierge has been in business for over 25 years based on the quality of our cleaning. We are the cat’s meow of home cleaning, paws down. We are certainly not going to jeopardize that.

As for losing money on our cleans due to erroneous estimates, well that would just be dumb. We don’t want clients losing either, by potentially overpaying if our time is off the other way on a given day.

Bottom line, we charge by the hour for a team to professionally, efficiently, thoroughly, and pleasantly clean your home for you and your family. Including the furry ones! 


August Newsletter 2023

New Cancellation Policy

Ok, not yet, but we hope it caught your eye, as it could be coming soon.

We pride ourselves in being a full-service outfit over here at Denver Concierge. However, we seem to be running into a very high number of cancellations, many at the last minute.

If you get to read Angela’s Queen Bee down below, it dovetails very nicely into the problem we are having. Our teams want to work, and when we get last-minute cancellations, there is nowhere for them to go.

Unlike other cleaning companies that pay by the house, we start paying our folks as soon as they clock in at the office. So, we end up paying a team of three people to go have coffee. Not to mention the cost of driving to get to the first job only to be locked out or cancelled at the last minute.

Needless to say, this raises our costs unnecessarily, and over time puts pressure on pricing as well. We don’t think it’s fair that clients that never cancel should bear the burden of people that do.

For the record, we have never charged for cancellations or lockouts, although many of our competitors do just that.

As you might imagine, we are in a conundrum. Life happens as they say, and most times there isn’t anything that can be done about emergencies. We have no issue with that and never will. That’s just part of trying to be a great company providing great service.

However, if we have a client that has canceled frequently, and at the last minute, we may have to reconsider our current stance. At a minimum, we may need to have a chat about whether or not that client should remain on their current schedule.

We are asking for your help. If you need to cancel, we fully understand, but would respectfully ask that it is done prior to the night before if at all possible. This will allow our scheduling folks to work their magic and make sure we are staffed properly for the jobs on the schedule.

In a perfect world, we would have a couple of days’ notice to shuffle things. Anything the night before or the day of is basically a nightmare for us, and results in all the bad stuff described above.

So, for now, there is no new policy, but we want to try and enlist your help with the problem, in the hopes we won’t need one.

Meanwhile, thank you for being a loyal client of our locally-owned company.

We will continue to strive to keep our costs down so you get a fair value for your price.  

We appreciate you and will always do our best to work with you when “life happens”.

Navigating Denver

Have you ever driven around downtown Denver and wondered just how drunk the city planners were when they laid out the streets?

We have been here a long time and we still aren’t sure what the rhyme or reason is. 

Did you know Denver has 225 one-way streets?

We didn’t either until we started snooping around at how our city is actually laid out.

We learned a lot! Did you know that there are two alphabetical groups that you can find on streets that run north and south? 

One group goes from east to west and the other from north to south.

Stick with us here.

The east-west streets are named for Native American tribes and begin with Acoma, ending in Zuni.

From west to east, and east of Colorado Boulevard, you’ll find Albion Street, followed by Ash Street to the east. This first alphabetical group goes from west to east and has two streets per letter.

More detail from the Fox 31 article can be found here.

If you want to go down the rabbit hole on the real origins of Denver’s street patterns, we found an amazing piece by Confluence Denver and it can be found here.

It all goes back to two rival settlements that combined way back in 1860. I suppose we should forgive them for not laying this thing out a bit better.

For now, we hope this helps you understand how this all came about, and hopefully where you might be next time you look up at a confusing street sign or wonder if you are pointing north or south.

Senior Moving Guide

Aging is tough. It becomes even tougher when you cannot function well inside your current home or need to move as you get older.

We also have a lot of clients and partners who are taking care of parents who are going through the same thing.

While the emotional part of moving an aging parent is hard to describe, there are practical considerations as well.

That’s where our friends at come in. 

They put together a great resource for moving as a senior on their affiliate site

From the intro to the article:

“For most people, aging brings a new set of challenges. New health problems may affect your ability to live independently, financial challenges make it tougher to maintain your lifestyle and adult children moving to faraway places may make you feel less connected to your home.”

“Some people move every few years or even more frequently, while others remain rooted in the same location for decades. But for many people, there comes a time in old age when it becomes necessary to move.”

“While relocating is never easy, moving as a senior carries its own difficulties. If you or a loved one is moving into an assisted living or memory care facility due to declining health, the very reason for the move will likely make the process even more difficult. A lifetime of accumulated possessions might be squirreled away in your home. And if the move is due to financial stress, moving itself can be expensive.”

We found it to be a very informative piece and we thank our friend Julia Walker for reaching out with this. 

The complete article can be found here, and we wish you patience and grace if you are experiencing this currently.

Denver Food and Wine Festival 

If you are a longtime reader of our newsletter, you know we love a good meal out.

Enter the annual Denver Food and Wine Festival. 

Billed as “A Multi-Day Extravaganza of Food Wine and Spirits”, we say yes, please.

The entire event will run from September 6-9 and features many great events and opportunities to engage with some of Denver’s best in the business.

From the “Shake and Brake” Showdown on September 7th, to the Grand Tasting on the 9th, this looks like a fun (and filling) event.

Reidel is also sponsoring a wine glass and tasting seminar (you get some great wine glasses if you go) which we love.

Full details of this cool event can be found here.

We hope to see you there!

Worst Drivers in the U.S.

Finally, a naughty list that Denver didn’t win on.

We meet a lot of folks from all over and nearly everyone thinks the drivers in their city are “awful”. 

We aren’t sure about why that phenomenon is, although most people think they are better at driving than they really are.

The good news is that for 2023, Denver did not make this list. 

Although the drivers in Lakewood and Pueblo said “Hold my beer”, as they managed to sneak into the top (bottom?) 20 in poor driving.

Consumer Affairs did a complete study on this for 2023 and the methodology is explained as well. 

The safest city? Green Bay, Wisconsin. No Colorado cities made that list.

Finally, Forbes did a similar review of bad driving by state, and we didn’t make that list either.

It can be found here.

So, next time someone says “Denver drivers are the worst!”, you will have some data to prove them wrong.

Safe driving!!!

Monthly Award Winners

Our monthly award winners for July were Maria Zapata, Sandra Vidales, Josefina Quinonez, Guadalupe Caloca, and Silvia Anguiano.

In the Team Leader ranks, it was Mayra Soto and Martha Rosales.

We are so proud of our winners, and of all the folks that are in and out of your homes each week.

We are also very appreciative to be a part of your lives and your homes. You provide the platform for our teams to perform, and for that we are grateful.

Please join me in congratulating our best performers for the month of July.

Queen Bee Corner

by Angela

Our employees show up at the dispatch office every morning because they want to work.

Last-minute lockouts or cancellations during the day do not please them, as going home early means they lose hours and wages.   

It is disappointing to have their day cut short, unlike many less enthusiastic workers who might relish the idea of getting half a day off. 

With this in mind, our employees have done some really random things in their determination to clean the houses they were assigned for the day.   

Any request by a client in need is considered.

Forgot to leave the key? Can they climb over the side fence?   Forgot to have the dog sitter meet the team? Can the smallest team member squeeze through the doggy door?  You request and we do our best to oblige.

At times our teams will use their own initiative, which doesn’t always work out the way it should, but no one has ever been hurt, no property ever damaged, no dog or cat let loose. Thankfully, no harm has been done. 

A special thanks to our clients who find the humor in some of our maneuvers and have to defend us against a neighbor or household member who persists in questioning the logic when oft times there is none.

Suffice it to say that our intentions are always good. 


July Newsletter 2023

Green With Envy

Ok, not us, we try not to engage in envy.

But hopefully, our competitors do, because for the 16th straight year, we have been recertified 100% green by the Green Clean Institute.

In fact, we were the first cleaning company in Colorado to achieve this prestigious certification. It requires not only that we use products that are 100% certified green, but that our staff is trained as well.

We have to re-certify each year, and we are very proud that we have achieved this again in 2023. As a side note, we are currently the only cleaning company listed in the GCI directory in 2023 in Denver. Wow. 

We used to have a couple of competitors that were listed next to us, but it seems they have given up the pursuit.

The moral of the story for us is very clear. We are committed to doing things the right way, every time. Sure, it costs money and time to maintain our certification, but we do it simply because it’s the right thing to do.

We aren’t smart enough to understand all the ins and outs of our climate, our planet, and what is causing what. All we know is that we are trying to do our part. We hope that brings you a little comfort when you use our locally owned company.

For some reasons to use green products, the folks at Spruce came up with 10 Reasons to Start Green Cleaning Today and it can be found here.

We will always do our best to be unique in the way that we clean, communicate with you, and take care of your home. More importantly, we appreciate each and every one of you and we value our relationships beyond just being your housecleaner. 

We also take the responsibility of “taking care” of your home as seriously as we “take care” of the environment. We hope it shows through every day.

Thank you, as always, for your support and your business.

Social Security Myths 

Have you ever heard that our Social Security system is running out of money?

We have, and for those of us that have paid in for a very long time, it is quite alarming.

However, it isn’t true. At least not now.

Our fine friends over at Edward Jones published a great article entitled “5 Myths You Shouldn’t Believe about Social Security”.

AARP also did a great article on this. From that article: “As long as workers and employers pay payroll taxes, Social Security will not run out of money. It’s a pay-as-you-go system: Revenue coming in from FICA (Federal Insurance Contributions Act) and SECA (Self-Employed Contributions Act) taxes largely cover the benefits going out.”

“Social Security does face funding challenges. For decades it collected more than it paid out, building a surplus that stood at $2.83 trillion at the end of 2022. But the system is starting to pay out more than it takes in, largely because the retiree population is growing faster than the working population, and living longer. Without changes in how Social Security is financed, the surplus is projected to run out in 2034, according to the latest annual report from the program’s trustees.”

While that is the biggest myth we hear about Social Security, there are others, such as the annual COLA being guaranteed, the effective age is 65, etc.

These and other myths (along with the truth about each) can be found in the articles above. 

We were very relieved to know that it does not appear that Social Security is going broke anytime soon. Whew.

New “Move Over” Law Coming

We do our best to keep our readers informed about changes in our fine city and state that might affect them.

This new law is one of those things to pay attention to.

You are probably already aware that Colorado law requires drivers to move over for emergency vehicles.

The law requires a driver who is overtaking an emergency vehicle, tow vehicle, or public utility vehicle that is parked on the side of the road to reduce and maintain a safe speed, as follows:

  • 25 miles per hour if the speed limit is less than 45 miles per hour; or
  • At least 20 miles per hour less than the posted speed limit if the speed limit is 45 miles per hour or more.

So, what is the new law? 

Starting August 7, drivers will be required to behave the same way for ANY vehicle with hazard lights on.

The same requirements from the previous law (above) apply. Failure to do so, if caught, will result in a $100 fine and DMV points off your license, so beware.

It seems like a sensible law to us, and we sure don’t need a ticket.

We hope this helps keep you from getting one as well!

The full law can be found here, at Colorado CDOT. 

Scam Avoidance 

Dang, scams are everywhere. 

If we get one more personalized email from someone who pretends to know us, we might lose it.

Between fake LinkedIn profiles, cleverly worded spam, and the like, there are lots of scams and new approaches to be wary of.

We are here to help.

It seems like Amazon is everywhere. Most of us use them and rarely have problems, however, there are lots of counterfeit items to avoid.

We hadn’t thought about this until Prime Day arrived and we read this piece on counterfeit goods on Amazon. Quite eye-opening.

Also, we have noticed a very high number of fake profiles on LinkedIn. Typically a very pretty person in a photo, with a background that doesn’t seem to add up. 

Sadly, most people just “accept” invitations to connect, and then the fun starts. Scammers will attempt to befriend you, with the ultimate goal of getting your information and money. When in doubt, google the person, you might be surprised they don’t exist!

Then there is the “lottery scam”. Most of us would scoff at this one, but remember, if these tactics didn’t work, scammers would stop using them!

Finally, some great tips from FDIC on how to avoid falling prey to these very clever scams.

Meanwhile, keep your guard up!

Save on your Summer Utility Bill 

Well, we knew this was coming. Sticker shock on our electricity bills. Now that it’s here, many of us are stunned by the increases.

Along the way, summer arrived and it’s been 95 degrees now for a good stretch.

What can we all do to save some dough on our electric bill? 

For starters, Xcel Energy (who has been the target of most of the vitriol online) offers some good tips for saving money. 

More importantly, they are also offering rebates on smart thermostats, LED bulbs, and water heater installation currently.

Incidentally, if you already have a smart thermostat, there are seasonal savings programs there as well.

We also spoke with a client about the installation of a whole-home fan, which seems to help as well. 

Finally, from CNet, 8 ideas on how to lower your bill can be found here.

Stay cool Denver, we hope some of these tips help!

Monthly Award Winners

Our monthly award winners for June were Haydee Espinoza, Guadalupe Caloca, Aurora Dominguez, Maria Zapata, and Juana Luna.

In the Team Leader ranks, it was Juana Olivas and Socorro Ibarra.

We are so proud of our winners, and of all the folks that are in and out of your homes each week.

We are also very appreciative to be a part of your lives and your homes. You provide the platform for our teams to perform, and for that we are grateful.

Please join me in congratulating our best performers for the month of June.

Queen Bee Corner

by Angela

Cleaning is a dying art.  Much like ironing.   The modern approach to cleaning is the result of TV commercials starting in the ’50s featuring a well-dressed woman, often in heels, with a spray bottle in one hand and a pretty sponge in the other, sometimes wearing an apron. The message was clear. Our product can free you from drudgery.

So, what is the real art of cleaning?  Quite succinctly, it is Denver Concierge.

But to break it down, it is a solitary endeavor; a calm diligence and concentrated focus on taking away the dirt, grime, and dust from a room or object.  Efficiency is key. If too drawn out it becomes tedious.  If too rushed it becomes sloppy, with the likelihood of breakages. 

Non-toxic products are essential. Our products may not come in fancy packaging with fancy promises, but they have proven to be not only effective at cleaning but also at preservation and safety, allowing our ladies to do their job properly in the time they need, with no harmful cumulative after effects.

Of course, none of the products, applications, or methods are viable without employees who just quite simply know how to clean. 

Denver Concierge has the best of the best. Hats off to you ladies!  


June Newsletter 2023

Happy Independence Day 

247 years ago.

It’s been a long time since our great country formed its independence. Sadly, with all the strife and issues in our modern society, it is easy to forget the struggles we had to overcome together to survive as long as we have as a nation.

We are here today to share our appreciation for our country, its freedoms, and the liberties we all have thanks to the sacrifices made nearly 250 years ago by our independent and very stubborn forefathers.

In the words of French officer and American army volunteer Marquis de Lafayette, 

“The happiness of America is intimately connected with the happiness of all mankind; she is destined to become the safe and venerable asylum of virtue, of honesty, of tolerance, and quality and of peaceful liberty.” 

We love that quote, and we love our country, even with all its current challenges.

Many of us don’t realize that the Revolutionary War lasted nearly eight long years and we were massive underdogs against what was then the largest and most powerful military in the world, the British.

The American Revolution Institute does a great job of encapsulating our struggle in “One Lesson” which can be found here. We found it to be a great refresher to remind us of the sacrifices made and the difficult road to where we are today.

We sincerely hope you get to celebrate a wonderful holiday with your families this weekend and on Tuesday.

In that spirit, we will be closed on Tuesday but will be operating on Monday as usual. Odd holiday timing, but fortunate for our Monday clients who always get the short straw on holidays it seems. 

Meanwhile, happy birthday to our great nation. We thank you, our clients and partners for allowing us to prosper in it alongside you.

Happy 4th of July!!!

Casa Bonita Returns

Nothing like a good old-fashioned Denver institution making a comeback. 

In case you haven’t heard, the creators of South Park, Matt Stone and Trey Parker, purchased Casa Bonita last year.

Since then, they have invested $40 million into restoration and renovation, which is not a typo.

The duo has had a long love affair with Casa Bonita, even featuring it on a season seven episode of South Park.

On June 23-24, Casa Bonita reopened with a number of timed tickets. It is also open this weekend with a limited number of tickets for entry.

Dinner tickets are $39.99 for adults and $24.99 for kids aged 3-12. Ticket purchases also come with a 15% service charge.

Only eight people per group can get tickets at one time. Tickets must be purchased online and are final sales only, non-refundable, and non-transferable.

We found a great insider review from someone that attended the opening night last week and it can be found here.

It sounds like things are much better, yet familiar which is the way they should be.

We look forward to getting in and watching some cliff divers very soon!

Bravo to the South Park guys for restoring a Denver institution. Now, let’s just hope the food has improved, we bet it has.

Denver’s Best Neighborhood

Yes, it is that time again when 5280 Magazine unveils Denver’s best neighborhoods.

As they do each year, they followed a specific methodology which includes home sale prices, crime data, school ratings, and an X-factor score.

The winner?

Wash Park, followed by Hilltop, Berkeley, West Highland, and Cherry Creek.

You might recall we featured the 2022 list recently and those ranks were as follows: Wellshire. Belcaro, Wash Park, Platt Park, and City Park.

Quite the churn really, and congrats to Wash Park for moving up two spots to number one in 2023.

From the article regarding methodology: “Our ranking is based on four variables: home prices, crime data, school rankings, and an X factor score that accounts for things that can’t be as easily quantified, such as access to open space, public transportation, and restaurants and shops.”

“Each category is weighted: 30 percent for year-over-year percentage change in home values; 25 percent for safety; 15 percent for neighborhood school ratings; and 30 percent for the X factor. Our initial list of 78 neighborhoods (which was whittled down to 75, as you’ll read below) is based on the city of Denver’s official map. That’s why you won’t see areas like LoHi or RiNo listed; officially, they’re not considered their own neighborhoods, despite what locals might say.”

Lists like this always stimulate thought and debate, the complete article can be found here.

We love all the neighborhoods in Denver, especially the ones we clean in!!!

Outdoor Music Venues 

We love a great concert, even better at a place like Red Rocks, which we are incredibly lucky to have so close.

Of course, when considering outdoor music venues, that is the first place that pops into mind, but there are so many more across our fine state that we wanted to make you all aware of.

We also are all probably aware of Fiddler’s Green Amphitheatre, which holds 17,000 people and gets a lot of big acts. 

What about smaller venues?

For example, did you know that the Denver Botanic Gardens has a concert series? 10 evenings over June, July, and August, as well as local musicians playing during the week.

We also have seen shows at Levitt Pavilion, which is a non-profit venue offering 50 free concerts a year.

How about the Mishawaka venue near Fort Collins, pictured above? It started as a dance hall after motorcyclist and musician Walter S. Thompson stumbled across the site in 1916. 

We are so fortunate to have these wonderful venues and many more to attend concerts at. 

The complete list of the “13 Best outdoor music venues” by 5280 can be found here.

We hope you get a chance to enjoy these wonderful and iconic venues in 2023!

What Is “Wealthy” In Denver?

Being “wealthy” has a different connotation for almost all of us. 

It is also impacted by the area we live in, as a dollar will go a lot farther in some places than in others.

So, what makes one “wealthy” in Denver? Well, Charles Schwab did a survey of Denver residents to find that out.

From the article in the Denver Business Journal: “In an annual survey conducted by Charles Schwab Corp., a nationwide financial services company, 37% of Denverites who said they feel wealthy had a net worth of $474,000.”

“But those same people said that to be “considered wealthy,” it takes an average net worth closer to $2.5 million.”

There you have it. From an opinion standpoint, at least.

For more hard data, you can refer to this survey that shows how much you need to be “rich” in the top 10 cities in the U.S. (yes, it’s led by California cities).

What about how far our dollars go here? 

Well, that is where it gets interesting. For example, in New York City, $250,000 income is effectively just short of $83,000 after factoring in the cost of living and taxes, the bottom of the list.

The place where your dollar goes furthest? Look no further than Memphis, TN, where $250k gives you roughly $180K in purchasing power.

We found the complete study by Smart Asset to be very informative about the real value of a dollar, by city.

Denver comes in at 55th, which means $250k here effectively is worth about $150k.

The complete study can be found here, and was quite eye-opening!

Monthly Award Winners

Our monthly award winners for May were Guadalupe Caloca, Maria Zapata, Josefina Quinonez, Maria Concepcion Reyes, and Sandra Vidales.

In the Team Leader ranks, it was Mayra Soto and Isela Mendoza.

We are so proud of our winners, and of all the folks that are in and out of your homes each week.

We are also very appreciative to be a part of your lives and your homes. You provide the platform for our teams to perform, and for that we are grateful.

Please join me in congratulating our best performers for the month of May.

Queen Bee Corner

by Angela

In the early days of Denver Concierge, we were less discerning than we are today.

We accepted jobs in outlying areas that sometimes meant a drive time of 2 hours one way. We accepted apartment move-out cleans where the teams had to wade through empty pizza boxes and dirty dishes. We cleaned offices and we cleaned the common areas of apartment buildings.

Then, gradually through the years, we developed a style more suited to the skills of our employees; a style that offers them a safe and attractive cleaning environment in some of the most beautiful homes in Denver, while allowing the company to thrive. 

We brought our service area closer to Denver and the South, focusing on single-family homes cleaned on a regular basis. The clients became part of the Denver Concierge family.

We pride ourselves on quality over quantity. With respect to our employees, we are very selective in who we hire to work alongside them. We are careful to bring in new clients who we feel will appreciate and respect our employees’ hard work.

This is Denver Concierge today. We’ve come a long way.