April Newsletter Update

Happy Spring 2015

We are so happy that spring is finally here. Another weird winter, with record snow in Denver for the month of February. In case you didn’t know, we broke a record that stood for 100 years!!! Boy are we glad that’s over. Now, as we enter spring with birds chirping and baseball starting, our moods have certainly improved! We love spring cleaning and realize that we can’t be in your home every day, so we included a very awesome list of green cleaning tips that you can use while we are away. The article includes 10 products you can make yourself right at home (some of these we actually use in homes as well, like vinegar). To learn more, visit the folks at Green America here. Wishing you a fabulous Spring!

 Jacque Stevens

Partners We Love

We aren’t sure about you, but we get so busy taking care of business that we sometimes don’t do a great job of taking care of ourselves. One of the folks in town that can help is Jacque Stevens over at Body Renewed. Her company specializes in non-traditional fitness approaches, including new technology such as a recumbent bicycle that uses infrared light to eliminate cellulite and detox the body. Beyond the cool technology, we love that they approach fitness from a holistic standpoint and are very creative and different in their approach. In short, this is no regular gym. So if your New Year’s fitness resolution has fallen by the wayside, give Jacque a call at 720.428.2347, or check out their site here  and they can help you get back on track! Mention that you saw her in our newsletter and you will receive a special offer.

Spring Cleaning in Denver, CO

Spring Allergies

Here at Denver Concierge we take the bad with the good. As you may have heard…we love Spring! What we don’t love as much are the allergies that come with it. After all that moisture over the winter (see snow record above) we are expecting a pretty robust allergy season here in Colorado. We found some good information on surviving the allergy season on WebMD here.

Spring allergies in Denver


Queen Bee Corner

by Angela

I can honestly say our clients are the best in the industry. I know some of this is due to the fact that we have been in business so long and have known many of you for years. Still, when I get calls about different topics or things “just because I thought you’d like to know”, that’s pretty amazing. No action necessary; just touching base. I mean, who gets calls like that from clients? And while I’m at it, thank you for the interesting articles, photos, trip descriptions, pet updates, family updates. I even received a lovely hyacinth plant to celebrate the arrival of Spring. Thank you for it all! You’re the best.

Vehicle Update

For those of you that don’t see our Facebook page or our occasional Tweet, we are proud to announce that we now have FIVE new vehicles on the road! Our fleet upgrade project is working well and our ladies are happy to be driving these shiny new vehicles around town. Our latest happy team is shown above. We hope you like these as much as we do, stay tuned for more updates!

Denver Concierge Fleet for cleaning

Denver Concierge Cleaning Fleet

Tax Season

We are guessing that this is a topic that you are as thrilled about as we are…tax season. Another unfortunate reality of life. Now that our complaining is done, we wanted to dive in and see if we can help even a little bit. We realize the deadline is right around the corner, but if you have procrastinated a little like we have been known to do, Forbes has published a comprehensive Tax guide for 2015. Obamacare requirements have kicked in, and there are other nuances going on this year that are new. Check out the nice resource here if you have questions or need information.

March Newsletter Update

Our Big News

We want to thank those of you that called or emailed to guess our big announcement. We had a lot of creative guesses (some we may actually steal and use) but no one got it right! Drum roll please……

We are upgrading our fleet! We are proud to announce our partnership with Peak Kia in Denver for the transition of our existing fleet to brand new all-wheel drive Kia Sorentos. Our ladies will be safer, warmer and happier in getting to your homes for sure, and the Colorado winters should be easier to navigate. Not to mention we think it will look a lot nicer sitting on your curb while we are inside working our magic! We took delivery of our first new vehicle in February and will be adding to our fleet each month. Yes, we kept our octopus who seems to be very popular with you all. Here is a look at the graphics, the full vehicle is further down in the newsletter. Take a look and let us know what you think!


Denver Concierge VehicleRear

Send Us Your Feedback

Letter from the Owner

Every now and then, we get our fearless leader, John Kitts, to speak up about the business (OK, those of you that know him realize it’s impossible to keep him quiet mostly, but don’t tell him we said that). In that spirit, we asked him why, if he were a prospective client, would he choose Denver Concierge? What followed was a very thorough reminder, top to bottom, of what really makes Denver Concierge different and truly unique in the world of housecleaning. We posted it on our website, and the link can be found here. For those of you who haven’t seen our new site, this will give you a chance to check it out as well. As always, we welcome any feedback and we hope his comments increase your faith in us even further.


March Charity Events

For March, we are happy to be attending the Bal Swan Ball, held at the Omni Interlocken Resort on Saturday, March 7th. Bal Swan Children’s Center is a non-profit that assists families with their preschool children to better prepare them for life, and improve the relationships between parent and child. They also have amazing programs for children that have special developmental needs. They use innovative and proven techniques to ensure the best possible scenarios for preschoolers. Information on Bal Swan can be found here.  The event we are attending began in 1963 and will be attended by over 600 people supporting this great cause. Details on the event can be found on their website.


Partners we Love

It is probably the right time to mention Peak Kia in Littleton. We searched high and low for someone to help us with our fleet and they won the prize. Everyone at the dealership has been outstanding, and they have completely delivered on all of their promises. Our representative, Grant Harrell is outstanding, and was key in us putting this program together. Peak Kia can be found here, and you can email Grant directly if you want to learn more. If you mention Denver Concierge to him, you will receive a nice surprise! We love our new Sorentos, and are looking forward to our brand new fleet! Thanks to Peak Kia for the great partnership!



St Patricks Day

St. Patty’s Day Green

March is one of those months we love. Not only because it means spring is around the corner (no more snow!), but because of the “green” holiday known as St. Patty’s Day! Much like our tradition of being green, St. Patty’s Day traditions have been passed down for years. From cabbage to shamrocks, we can all identify with this holiday and its history. We found out a lot about St. Patty’s Day in our research, and realized that we had a lot to learn (like St. Patty’s day started with blue not green)! If you are curious about some of the myths behind this holiday, click here. In the meantime, know that by using Denver Concierge, you will be “green” not just in March, but year round! Happy St. Patty’s Day!


Angela Danessi Denver Concierge

Queen Bee Corner

by Angela

I’ve been with Denver Concierge going on 15 years now (yikes!) and during that time I have gathered in my proverbial black book, quite a few names of reliable, honest and knowledgeable tradespeople from all different industries. I’d be more than happy to share if you are looking for help around your home. On the other hand, if you have someone fantastic that you would recommend feel free to send me their info and I’ll add it to the book.  Many of these names have come from your fellow Denver Concierge clients (thank you Bettie for the roofer recommendation.  I love those guys!).

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!  May the luck of the Irish be with you!


Spring House Cleaning Denver

Spring Cleaning Specials

Don’t forget that we have some amazing specials heading into our busy spring cleaning season. You are probably aware we have referral bonuses where you can earn free cleans by recommending us to your friends and neighbors. You may not be aware that we have a 50% off special on initial cleans! There are rules to the promotion, and we are really looking for people that want to become clients. This offer gives folks a chance to try our services at a reduced rate, and hopefully fall in love with what we do. Give Angela a call at 303-975-2808 to learn more. As always, we appreciate your faith in us and your recommendations. Here is to a great spring!

Deep Cleaning Tips

Deep Cleaning Hacks2Deep Cleaning Tips

“Deep cleaning” are two words that inevitably evoke association a lot of efforts and sufferings. Maybe, you were doing it all wrong. Although you cannot omit it completely, you can make your life far easier. Get a thorough cleaning while saving times and money.

The Faucet

You can take care of the whole sink including the drains with green cleaning products. You will need baking soda, white vinegar, lemon, sea salt and a liquid dish washing soap. Bleach and strong acid, as well as abrasive cleaners may damage the stainless steel. Sprinkle the baking soda over the area, with a small amount of water running until you create paste. Place paper towels soaked in vinegar and let it sit for 20 minutes. Remove them and wash the sink with hot soapy water. Grab your old toothbrush and rub the difficult to reach parts. To clean the drain, put half a cup of baking soda and vinegar. Then pour boiling water. Finish by putting sliced lemon that will sanitize and aromatize the area.

The Oven

Haven’t cleaned your oven in while? Are you afraid to open it and see the damages? You can deal with the persistent stains, by placing a bowl filled with half a cup of ammonia in the cold oven. Leave for the night and rinse it the next day. You will find it a lot easier.

The Carpet

Use iron to remove very deep stains like the wax spots from your carpet. Put a clean cloth over the stain and then go over with the appliances. Not all of the stains can be removed with the iron, especially the oil one. Fear not! In this case you can use a completely green, efficient and cheap ingredient – baking soda. Sprinkle it over the spill and wait for about 10 minutes. The baking soda will soak the oil. Remove it with a vacuum cleaner. Then make a solution of two tablespoons of vinegar, two cups of hot water and a tablespoon of liquid dishwasher. Apply the mixture over the stain and let it stay for a couple for minutes. Wipe it up with a damp cloth or sponge. You can basically use it on any type of fabric. Say goodbye to the carpet steam cleaning.

The Blinds

This is quite a difficult area for cleaning and requires a lot of patience. Get a sock and soak it in a solution of equal parts and vinegar and water. Use the sock as a glove and clean the space between the window blinds.

The Shower

If you are sick and tired of rubbing the hard water deposits from your shower heads, you can now breathe a sigh of relief. Fill a plastic bag with distilled vinegar and fix it on the shower head with a rubber band.


Clean the annoying bathtub rings with a grapefruit juice and salt. Apply the salt over a wet tub and to scrub the surface until it’s clean.

House cleaning is a reoccurring task on your agenda and weather you like it or not you need to take care of it. Al least you can now do it the easy way.

For more helpful tips click here

Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning is a Must!

Denver House Cleaning TipsNo matter how high quality your upholstery fabric is but at some point it will need to get some deep cleaning. In fact, there are some upholstery fabrics that even require more than frequently cleaning practice. The cleaning requirements for each of the upholstery fabrics are different from one another. It is important to take care of the cleaning needs of the upholstery otherwise there are chances that your upholstered furniture can get damaged. The cleaning routine and the condition of the upholstered furniture also depend on the use of your furniture. The more the furniture is used the more cleaning it will require. The appearance of the upholstery can tell you a lot about its condition. People do invest a lot in the furnishing of their home and the major investment is made in furniture. The majority of the people do make use of soft upholstered furniture. The proper upholstery cleaning products must be used in order to keep your upholstered furniture ever green. Also, it will enhance their look as well. If you are not regularly cleaning up your upholstery then dirt and dust will settle down in your furniture. Regular vacuuming can also contribute a lot in the cleaning of upholstery. If you are not paying attention over the regular cleaning of the upholstered furniture then it might create bacteria and germs which are really unhygienic. The dirty upholstered furniture can provide breeding ground to these bacteria and germs. As a result, you get different kinds of allergies from them.

House Cleaning Denver tipsClean it regularly

It is recommended by majority of the professional cleaners and furniture makers that if you are going to keep the upholstered furniture then deep cleaning is a must twice a year. The cleaning also depends largely over how the upholstery is made. In many cases, the surface upholstery fabric is then having padding underneath to provide the cushion effect. Any kind of spill and stain also gets absorbed into this padding as it is normally made up of some foamy material. The usual and home made cleaning normally do not provide the complete cleaning and the padding stays the same unhygienic and dirty. Also, there are many kind of stains that leave their bad odor and the odor stinks the upholstery. It is very important to not only clean the surface but also clean the underneath your furniture items. This is the only way through which you can also get rid of the bad odor and dirty padding. Obviously, you cannot do this at your home.

What’s needed for a perfect rug and carpet cleaning

House Cleaning Denver: Tips and Tricks

Perfect house cleaningAt the end of the tenancy, it may be a time for a little bit of end of tenancy cleaning. The tenants should keep everything clean, but often that’s a mirage. The flawless services of a cleaning company are therefore all that you’re looking for, because they have all the professional equipment and outfit to make your rugs like new. On the other hand, if you have your own lovely hand-made rugs and carpets in your house – you should take good care of them on a monthly basis or so. It’s not enough only to clean everything at the end of the season, but it’s not recommended to treat the carpets and the rugs quite frequently, especially the hand-made ones. Their colors and freshness requires special attention, while the big carpet that covers the entire floor of the room definitely requires more time to enhance it into the picture perfect carpet. In all cases – next are few ideas and items that one may need for the perfect cleaning of the coziest thing for the wintertime.

  1. A vacuum cleaning system is as important as the carpet itself. Whether it comes to big carpets for the winter or rugs with complex irregular shapes – vacuuming is the first most important thing to do for removal of dirt, sand, grit or other greater particles. Vacuuming is the most common method for domestic cleaning and the easiest one too. It would be better if you can move or rotate the carpet so it becomes evenly exposed and all the corners are easy accessible. Find out the most unpleasing spots visually. They are usually the spots around the legs of big furniture objects like the kitchen table, the sofa, the wardrobes, as well as the spots with the heaviest foot traffic. If needed – make sure to repeat the vacuuming process or shake the small rugs through the balcony if possible.
  1. House cleaning tips for DenverBegin with a deep cleaning method. There is a myriad of opts to deep clean your rugs and carpets, and the services of the professional cleaners can help you with this yet overwhelming task. A rental wet-cleaning system is a typical choice to begin with, but first make sure to know the exact condition of your carpets and rugs. There are colors, materials and mostly Oriental rugs, which are not recommended for cleaning with detergents and solutions. Other carpets and colors can be deep cleaned only with a special detergent, while steam-cleaning machines are definitely not recommended for long fibrous carpets.


  1. For small rugs – a machine or a hand wash is the perfect choice. Just read the label of the carpet to make sure that it’s suitable for washing. This can take place outdoors in the summertime or in a hot spring day, when the direct sunlight, the hot air and the big open space facilitate the natural evaporation of the water. For this, you may need a tub according to the size of the rugs, a drying rack or so, shampoo or your favorite cleaning detergents.
  1. How to  get stains our of a rugFor carpets with stains and dirt at only a few small spots – a stiff brush will do the perfect job. Treat the spot with a dis-solvent solution, then – leave a few minutes according the manual to dissolve completely the stains and the dirt, and rub in circles until it becomes a real mess. There is no need to struggle – wipe it off with a cloth or spatula, then treat again with a dry compound or directly vacuum the humid spot until it becomes even brighter than the rest of the carpet.

Article by Ella Andrews on behalf of this website