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We have had Denver Concierge cleaning our home in Highlands Ranch for about seven months now, and I can tell you that it is such a joy to come home on our cleaning day.  The gals that come in to clean are fantastic, and they never miss a thing.  I could not believe how long they spent cleaning the very first day, they were so thorough.  We have wine bottles on the top of our kitchen cabinets, and I actually laughed when I noticed that they had cleaned them all (about 40 in all).  I like to think of it as our vacation day when they come to clean, kind of like when you are on vacation at a resort and come back from a long day to find flowers on your bed.  It just makes me smile.  We never get interrupted on our schedule, and they just come in with our garage code since we are off to work.

All that to say, I highly recommend them. I have heard horror stories about other house cleaning companies, and we would never switch.

-Nick M.

After looking for a green house cleaning company, we settled on Denver Concierge. We were scheduled within a week and they offered a great deal for the first clean. We try and keep the house clean, but with two little ones, it is near impossible as they make a mess while you’re cleaning another mess. The crew came which consisted of 3 cleaners and an arsenal of non toxic cleaners. After over 5 hours of work, not a single dust bunny was found, and I keep finding nooks and areas where i’m actually surprised that it was clean. If you got a hot mess, or a mess, call the crew at the Concierge, they’ll clean it right up.

-Trent A.